3 Warning Signs That Your Auto Gate Needs Servicing

Believe it or not, your auto gate system is an integrated security system for your home or business. Perhaps, some might think that having a security system means investing in a fingerprint door access system or a sophisticated infrared surveillance system. However, your establishment or home gate is the first line of defence and security towards your premise.

Your auto gate can protect you by ensuring that your home or business is safe. Still, it needs to have proper servicing periodically, like any other equipment. Every auto gate in Singapore will need servicing as time passes by. Here are a few signs that indicate your auto gate needs servicing:

Misalignment in the gate

If you have a double gate and you manage to notice that each side is misaligned with the other. It means that the hinges are likely worn out. In some worse cases, without proper servicing, your auto gate can be at risk of failing to latch. In some cases, you might consider opting for a professional auto gate repair in Singapore as soon as you can.

Failing to lock while latching

When you have an old gate that needs servicing, check to determine if the gate is latching close but failing to lock. If it happens, your auto gate has a problem with its magnetic lock, and it won’t provide any security to your home. Anyone can attempt to open it should you decide to ignore the problem.

Noise when you open or close the gate

If you hear noises every time you open or close the gate, there could be a problem with its lubrication. In some circumstances, there could be a problem with its motor. If you’re deciding to invest money in a security system in Singapore, you have to think about its mechanical component. However, the only way for you to know the problem exactly is to call for a professional specialist.

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