3 Ways TCM in Singapore Can Help in Pregnancy

TCM in Singapore is one of the most regarded medical practices. With its origin dating back several centuries, Traditional Chinese Medicine is trusted by many families even to this date. It also encompasses several areas of expertise to cater to the different needs of the human body.

One of the most notable practices of TCM in Singapore is pregnancy care. Not only does TCM include ways of caring for a pregnant woman, but it also contains practices on how to induce pregnancy and help speed up recovery after childbirth. For these reasons, we can say that TCM offers a holistic guide for couples on how to have a successful pregnancy while keeping both the mother and the baby healthy.

Today, we will dig deeper into TCM for pregnancy care and what treatments are available for expecting women. Here are some ways Traditional Chinese Medicine can help in pregnancy:


Are you having trouble conceiving? TCM offers various therapies to help aid infertility among women. Acupuncture for fertility is one of the most popular TCM techniques to aid conception. Through acupuncture, the flow of Qi in the body will be corrected.

It has always been believed that acupuncture in Singapore triggers the natural tendencies of the human body to conceive after intercourse.

Gestation or Pregnancy

During the whole span of pregnancy, TCM therapies will be useful for conceiving mothers. The meditations, diet and supplements being prescribed by a TCM clinic in Singapore can help in avoiding miscarriage. Regular visits to a TCM clinic during pregnancy will also allow the keen monitoring of your baby’s development. It will ensure that your baby is healthy and free from complications.

Post Pregnancy

Women’s bodies change throughout pregnancy. After childbirth, a woman’s body will weaken. Paired with the wounds sustained during the delivery, childbirth will render a woman bedridden for days. It is important to serve confinement herbs to new moms during this period to help speed up their recovery. TCM has an established selection of confinement herbs to be used for soups, dishes and drinks. TCM confinement food has helped various women recover from childbirth for generations.


TCM has been a helpful guide to wellness for generations. It is widely practised in Singapore and there are lots of clinics offering this discipline islandwide. If you are an expecting woman or want to conceive a child soon, opting for TCM might be a good choice.

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