4 Money-Saving Tips For Getting Tingkat Delivery In Singapore

Ordering Tingkat dinner delivery in Singapore is one of the most convenient and practical ways to get food after a long day at work. Getting food from your favourite Tingkat restaurant will save you time and energy while letting you reminisce about your childhood as you receive and open a multi-layered tin can containing home-cooked-style dishes.

But like all food delivery services, Tingkat delivery in Singapore can be expensive—especially if you place an order on an empty stomach. It may allow you to conveniently have food as soon as you arrive home or get out of the shower, but ordering Tingkat can hurt your wallet.

Fortunately, you can lessen your food ordering expenses by following these four simple money-saving tips when getting a Tingkat delivery service:

1. Compare Your Tingkat Restaurant Options

Like getting Tingkat catering in Singapore, you should first research your Tingkat restaurant choices before placing your order. Doing so will allow you to check each establishment’s meal price range and let you know which one offers the most affordable yet tasty dish.

2. Watch Out For Tingkat Promos

Almost every Tingkat service provider in Singapore offers their dishes and delivery services at discounted prices now and then—specifically during specific times and days of the week or holidays. If you want to save costs when ordering Tingkat for lunch or dinner, keep your eyes peeled for these promos that will allow you to receive waived shipping fees, reduced meal prices, cashback, or freebies.

3. Skip Third-Party Delivery Services

As much as possible, order food directly from your chosen Tingkat restaurant or catering service provider to avoid additional charges. Doing so may also ensure that you receive your order right on schedule. Moreover, getting Tingkat delivery directly from your chosen restaurant will allow you to support them better since you will be relying more on their services instead of asking a third party for delivery assistance.

4. Order Tingkat As A Group

If you are with your family, friends, or colleagues, you can lessen your Tingkat delivery expenses by placing your order as a group. Doing so may not be as smooth sailing as getting a pre-made lunar 7th month catering service since you will take everyone’s complicated orders, but it will allow you to lessen the delivery fees you need to settle.

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