4 Online Tools for Better E-commerce

E-commerce has evolved considerably over the years. It started as a small digital retail environment. Now it has become a massive industry. Last year, Amazon generated revenues of nearly $470 billion and this number is expected to increase in the future.

There has been a clear shift in our shopping habits. We are now moving away from physical stores and shifting to online stores. So it is no surprise so many sellers are entering the E-commerce industry. There are low overheads associated with E-commerce so it can attract newcomers.

No matter the size of your business, you will need a robust internet connection to ensure your website never crashes. Take a look at Mediacom offers to sign up for an appropriate internet plan.

Whether you are entering this industry or if you want to expand your operations, you will need to use some online tools to help you along. Here are some of those tools.


If you manage an e-commerce business, we are sure you must have spent a lot of time doing keyword research to identify what your customers are searching for. You must have also struggled to write compelling descriptions for your merchandise to get customers to click on the purchase link.

If you face these issues, then BloomBerry will help you out.

With BloomBerry, you can check what queries your target audience is searching for online. It acquires this information by digging through numerous online forums like Quora, Reddit, and others. It also checks what customers are searching for on other e-commerce portals.

Getting to know these insights has obvious advantages. Sellers can integrate the answers to these queries into product descriptions.

BloomBerry can also be used to help find opportunities where customers feel unsatisfied using various products and services. By singling out these gaps, online merchants can create new products that address these issues.

By uncovering the keywords and topics most commonly mentioned by your target audience, you can increase your portal’s SEO, drive more traffic, and generate new leads and sales.

Amazon Payments

Payment processing is the foremost concern for all online sellers. After all, what good is any business if you don’t know how you will receive payments?

Most sellers prefer using Stripe or PayPal. However, many people do not have these accounts or will create one. So this can turn your customers away and hence lead to a loss in revenue.

These customers will most likely turn to Amazon. However, if you join the Amazon Payments Global Partner Program, you can ensure you don’t miss out on sales revenue in this manner.

Through this program, online merchants can integrate Amazon Pay with their selling platforms. This will allow customers to simply log in to their Amazon accounts and make payments.

The partner program also offers other valuable services. These include training, account management, and technical resources.


Most online sellers initially start by launching their store on an existing online selling platform. However, once the business starts growing, it may consider launching its website.

FireDrop is a website builder. It has an AI chatbot that assists in making websites. All you need to do is to tell the chatbot how you want to layout your website and it will do the rest. It is just like giving instructions to a real person.

The app comes with a design personality engine. It designs websites depending on your content, input, and tastes. It applies what it learns to create a website that matches the feel and tone you aspire to create. It can also be used on cellphones so this provides additional convenience for anyone creating a website. Allwebsitescreated on the platform are fully responsive.


You can use social media to grow your online sales. All major social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have at least some features linked to e-commerce.

The storefront of social media platforms provides a challenge for all store owners. The product upload is usually a tedious and time-consuming process.There are some websites that prompt merchants to purchase buyable pins one by one and tag them accordingly.

Shopial allows merchants to expand the functionality of their online store to Pinterest and Facebook. The service can be installed on both of these platforms.

Summing Up

The e-commerce industry is getting increasingly lucrative with each passing year. The key to success lies in creating a pleasant experience for people who access your storefront. You need to answer their queries and make the payment process simple and easy. We hope the tools listed here will help you excel at e-commerce.

You may use the best applications to help in e-commerce. However, they will be of no use if you don’t have access to a dependable internet connection. Get the internet reliability you desire with Mediacom internet.

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