5 Best Offpage Seo Techniques to rank on search engine result page

Hello Everyone, welcome to the class of seo where we will know today about the topic OFF PAGE SEO activity. This techniques helps to generate lot of links to increase our ranking in SERP’s.

About Offpage Seo Algorithm.

  1. What is offpage activity.
  2. How it helps to rank the site.
  3. Benefits of seo activity.
  4. 5 process of link building seo activity to increase your website rank.

What is offpage activity.

  • This activity helping search engine to understand what websites are helpful to the users.
  • Every link of your site should have high level authority urls to generate online traffic.
  • Every seo specialist should understand one logic that more you create backlink will not help your website to growth better.

Learn to grow engagement in your site.

  • Every link should have some good authorities of their domain & page to give users better trust that we sell our products / services in appropriate format.
  • Now the links we generate has two types to identify which backlinks are giving more weightage to our site for ranking purpose.
  • So there are two links to identify the authority level
  • Do follow :- 
  • Do follow links are those who gives priority to grow organically and supports our link to move forward because of our quality content helps audience to identify the online business trustworthy.
  • No Follow :-
  • No follow urls are those that they dont have authority to provide priority.
  • So that they first feow their online traffic then they think to start provide follow links so that link is called as paid links through the site through which you got the link will provide you the do follow link when you provide them payment.

Benefits Of Link Building Seo

  • Online branding.
  • Increase SERP ( Search Engine Result Page)
  • Increase domain authority.
  • Increase referral links.
  • Increase page value.

5 techniques of seo process.

  • Social Bookmarking :-
  • Here social bookmarking helps to generate url’s from differen sites to upgrade the levenl of your website.
  • 12% of link upgradation seo activity works from this algorithm.
  • Social Networking :-
  • This is one of the fastest growing algorithm to level-up your website in minimum time.
  • It helps to reach your audience in active phase & show your service / product.
  • 45% offpage activity helps your website to brand aware & not targetting our audience will also see your website & go through it.
  • Image Submission :-
  • Here every content of your online business can be explain in images, post format.
  • It is like a infographic post where users get to know your brand more easily & try to reach your business.
  • Content Marketing :-
  • With the help of content marketing you can aware your business to your audience.
  • Showcase your service with proper knowledge & better guidance with help of audience to trust the business.
  • Local Listing :-
  • Listing your business in online industry will help your market for better legal business authority to your audience.
  • While uploading the details, audience get to know that your content provide fake details, products, services etc.

If these algorithm of link building helps to your business to rank in result page .

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