5 Hacks to Reduce Your Need to Buy New Clothes Frequently

According to research done by P&G for Downy, more than 40% of people throw away their clothes without even wearing it 10 times. Most of those individuals reasoned out that their clothes have lost their original shape, faded, or started to look threadbare after a few washes.

If you’re also guilty of getting rid of your clothes after a few wears and washes, chances are you’re spending a lot of money on new garments. After all, you can’t be wearing the same clothes at work every few days or so. 

Thankfully, there are hacks that make your laundry retain its quality after being washed. With longer-lasting clothes, you don’t have to shop for new ones as much anymore, letting you save more bucks.

That said, here are some of those cost-saving laundry hacks you should try:

  1. Don’t Wash Your Clothes too Often

It’s not actually necessary to wash your clothes every time you wear them unless you’ve really soiled them. Before tossing your garments into the hamper, test their conditions first by answering the following questions:

  • Does it have oily stains that only a professional dry cleaner can mend?
  • Does it have smudges and dirt that have to be washed in the machine?
  • Does it still smell fresh?
  • Is your body clean? If you’re in need of a shower, your clothes most probably need to be washed, too.

If your clothes failed this cleanliness test, then you can toss them into the washer. Otherwise, it’s still fresh enough to be kept back in your closet.

  1. Follow Fabric Care Instructions

Every garment has a tag where its care instructions are indicated. Check them first before washing them, and be sure to follow what it says. Washing garments incorrectly degrades its quality fast, or worse, destroy it altogether, so never disregard the care instructions.

  1. Use Detergent and Fabric Softener Sparingly

To save even more money, go easy on your detergent and fabric softener. More detergent doesn’t mean cleaner clothes; in fact, it could leave residue on the fabric, causing a stiff and dull finish.

The cost-saving way to use a detergent is to settle for only half of the usual amount you consume, mixing it with 1/2 cup of baking soda to act as a booster. The results are freshly washed clothes that are as clean as how they turn out with your usual excessive detergent use. 

As for the fabric softener, don’t use it to your heart’s content; follow the instructions on the packaging, which likely says to pour only a few tablespoons, and diluted in water.

  1. Freeze Your Pantyhose

If your job requires you to don a pantyhose every day, you don’t need to buy several new sets regularly if you freeze your current set. Put it into a ziplock filled with water, close it, then keep it in the freezer overnight. Freezing strengthens the pantyhose’s fibers, making them less susceptible to runs, thus saving you money. You can also freeze them overnight without water once a month.

  1. Use Soft Water

The minerals in hard water are capable of degrading our laundry’s good quality because of the deposits they may leave. With soft water, the minerals are replaced with sodium, which softens fabrics and makes them cleaner.

The fastest way to get soft water is by installing a high-quality water softener in your home. But if you’re renting or using a Laundromat that only has hard water, you can soften the water by mixing a jug full of milk with 1/2 lb of washing soda and 1/4 lb of borax.

By using these hacks on your next laundry day, no garment of yours will come out of the washer tattered and out of shape. You can now wear them more than 10 times, and finally, save money on new clothes.


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