5 Reasons Not to Go onto the Dark Web

The dark web is treated as a black world of the Internet. Highly illegal and offensive activities published on Actual Deep Web Videos such as contract killers, rape, drug marketing, child pornography, counterfeit goods, sex trafficking. Dark Web is restricted to use by the normal internet browser. You are required, the TOR browser to access the dark web.

If You Think to Visit the Dark Web Then Be Aware of Its Bad Effects. At first, you need mentally prepared before going to access an offensive Dark Web.  

Top 5 Offences Are Mentioned Below:

  • Exit Scams

Exit scams happen when the sellers continuing to take money and orders but Stop shipping the products to the buyers. The illegal products are sold on the dark web (guns, drugs, etc.) And payments are made in Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. And most importantly, the buyers aren’t given an avenue for redress or compensation.  

  • Illegal Pornography

Illegal pornography is a very common thing on the dark web. Even you can’t eliminate child pornography because is also included there. 

FBI busted a porn site of children because it has a bad effect on them. The child porn site on the dark web is used by Malware, exploits in Adobe Flash, and other hacking tricks. The website authority controls, the North Carolina Server. 

  • Hoaxes On The Dark Web

Hoaxes are the main part of the dark web. The most popular example of Hoaxes is known as “red rooms”. The rooms show the live inhuman act, atrocious torture of animals, and humans. It’s the untraceable website, where some heartless people pay (usually Bitcoin) to a person tortured in a very crucially way. 

For instance, in an Actual Deep Web Videos, a teenage girl was raped by a guy on the live stream. A person paid him a huge amount for giving directions on how to overdose her with a particular illegal drug. 

  • Terrorism

Anti-terrorism authorities have controlled the terrorist group and the activities over the dark web. The Al-Hayat Media Center is affiliated with ISIS. This center launched a dark website to supply information.

  • Phishing Scams

The phishing scams work on the regular web. If you have little knowledge about computers then you cannot get caught out but you may fall as a victim on a dark web due to the way web addressee presented. The best example is, in the year of 2016, the DuckDuckGo suffers the Phishing attempt.

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