5 Steps for Planning Funeral Services in Singapore 


Planning for a funeral is an overwhelming experience. You’re still in the grieving process, and at the same time, you have to think of working with a funeral director in Singapore. You might feel overwhelmed along the way because many things are happening currently. So, during this time, it’s okay to call for a friend or ask for help from other family members.

But in the meantime, learn how to prepare for a funeral service in this article. It can help you get ready once a loved one departs. And so, here are the five steps of planning a funeral service.

1. Find a Reliable Funeral Director

The first step is to find a funeral director in Singapore that can help you prepare for the service. The funeral director should be empathetic, patient, organised and flexible. Since you’ll be processing the loss of a loved one,  the help of a funeral director can run errands for you and make sure that the funeral service will go smoothly.

2. Burial or Cremation

You can also talk with other family members about choosing between a burial or cremation. If burial, you can look for casket services in Singapore for more options. And for cremation, you can find a service provider that can accommodate your needs. After deciding, you can proceed with the other funeral planning steps.

3. Prepare for the Funeral Cost

On top of this, you can also prepare for the funeral cost. Perhaps, you can talk with other family members to help you with the financial responsibility. You can also ask for charity or donation programs if you need additional help. To help you estimate the cost, you can ask for the total fee for funeral services in Singapore

4. Prepare for the Invitation

Preparing for the guest list can also help you anticipate people arriving during the 24 hour funeral service. You can include your friends and family if you want an intimate service. As you prepare for the invitation, you can ask the funeral director to help you distribute the invitation.

5. Paying Tribute for the Departed

Finally, you can also prepare how to pay tribute to the departed loved one. Perhaps, you can plant a tree, donate to a charity, or start an organisation. This way, the departed will leave a legacy and keep the memory in your heart alive.

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