5 Tourism Village Around Borobudur That Worth to Visit

Borobudur Temple is a giant magnet for vacationers from all over the world. This ancient royal temple includes a mysterious aura that brings travelers to admire its magnificent feature. The vast number of travelers in this temple brings benefits for the villages surrounding this temple. Various villages take the chance and be a tourism-based community. Each village usually provides more distinct charms than others. To put it differently, apart from providing basic accommodation, every village also has its specialties. These villages provide lodging choices to the tourists, particularly for those who wish to learn the culture. Here are some of those tourism villages about Borobudur.

  1. Candirejo Village

Candirejo is a timeless village that still practices historical traditions, including Nyadran, Saparan, and Perti Desa. It is also possible to see traditional Javanese performing arts such as Wayang (shadow puppet), karawitan, and Wulang Sunu dance. You can also see them. You can also learn how to perform gamelan or the way to dance within this village.

Candirejo is set amidst lush green areas and tropical rainforests and is populated with friendly folks. The village is a symbol of Javanese culture where visitors can experience and participate in various cultural attractions and actions. Many homemade handicrafts and souvenirs can also be created here, like beds, benches, and bookshelves of bamboo, along with mats and bags made from pandanus; all of that is offered for sale.

1. Giritengah Village

Giritengah is quite popular because Pangeran Diponegoro was utilized to fight the Dutch colonial in this village throughout the Java War (1825-1830). The legacy of the national hero is maintained well in Pos Mati (Death Post). It’s a mountain in which Pangeran Diponegoro kept his ammunition. From this hill, you may see the beautiful panorama of Mount Merbabu. Giritengah is also known as the arty village as you can still enjoy many traditional art performances here.

2. Wanurejo Village

Wanurejo is the most famous one, mainly due to its proximity to Borobudur. Mendut Temple, a part of the temple compound in Borobudur, is also located in this village. There are nine hamlets within this village that have changed into an unofficial hotel compound. Those hamlets are Barepan, Bejen, Brojolan, Ngentak, Jowahan, Soropadan, Tingal Kulon, Tingal Wetan, and Gedongan.

3. Majaksingi Village

Majaksingi is exceptional. It doesn’t provide you with traditional cultures like in many different villages. Instead, Majaksingi includes a beautiful walk and biking trek using a sunrise view. Majaksingi provides a realistic view and panorama of an ancient Javanese village. You can also find craftsmen making traditional masks, carvings, and bird cages.

4. Tanjungsari Village

Situated near Majaksingi, Tanjungsari presents a distinct charm. It’s possible to see the honey manufacturing process in this village. Should you purchase honey or wish to know how they produce them, you can visit Tanjungsari. Located only about three kilometers from Borobudur, you can even find artistic attractions and decoration productions.

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