5 Types of Family Therapy Provided by Counsellors in Singapore

The purpose of family therapy is to identify and resolve family issues. These problems might be emotional, psychological, or behavioural. Families act as systems rather than as groupings of people that operate independently of one another. Here are the five types of family therapy programmes a counsellor in Singapore can provide.

#1 Functional

For 8–30 weekly sessions, this therapy focuses on families with a child or teenager who has complicated emotional or behavioural difficulties. The sessions will assist families in learning skills for dealing with their child’s behaviour and improving family functioning.

#2 Transgenerational

The goal is to comprehend how intergenerational conversations and interactions produce issues in the family. Transgenerational family therapy in Singapore is beneficial for difficulties and behavioural patterns that continue through generations. It may also aid in predicting how problems may evolve in the future.

#3 Multisystemic

The multisystemic program seeks to treat any behavioural and emotional issues a child or adolescent in the family may have. It concentrates on more significant concerns with the child’s conduct. This program can be an ideal part of a programme for step families.

#4 Brief Strategic

The goal is to alter the patterns of interaction amongst family members within 12–16 sessions. It is a time-limited intervention that focuses on issues in the family that contribute to troublesome symptoms in adolescents.

#5 Structural

Structural therapy deals with issues that occur as a result of family structure. It focuses on the dynamics rather than particular behaviours that generate problems. It seeks to establish a functional and balanced family structure with proper boundaries between individuals. It can be an ideal programme to add to marriage counselling, provided they are conducted by counsellors such as https://akindplace.co/counsellors/

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