6 Instagrammable Places in Bintan, Riau

For anyone with plenty of time who wants to go on vacation and seek something natural, you can come to Bintan Island in Riau. This place is filled with many unique natural attractions, there is also an upscale luxury inn called Bintan Lagoon Resort.

The best time to come to Bintan is not much different from the best time to travel to Bali, which is during the dry season. However, avoid coming during the long weekend or holiday season so that the destination is not too crowded with tourists. 

List of Cool Places in Bintan

1. Senggiling Beach

The combination of clear blue sea water, rows of granite rocks on the beach, and a stretch of fine white sand make Senggiling Beach one of the favourite destinations in Bintan. But unfortunately, the access road to this beach is winding and steep. 

2. Lagoi Bay

Lagoi Bay is one of the favourite vacation destinations for foreign tourists and is complemented with luxury accommodations. There are views of the South China Sea and various exciting water sports. Other interesting sights are large rocks in the middle of the sea. The island is full of rows of coconut trees on the beach, clear blue water with moderate waves, and at night there are colourful lights that adorn the beach. There is also a 300-meter-long pathway decorated with star-shaped lanterns.

3. Sand Dunes

Besides Bromo, you can also find a vast expanse of sand in Bintan Riau. This place is a former bauxite mining which is now a tourist attraction. Furthermore, to the desert, there are also small hills whose surface is partially covered with sand. If you take the right photo angle, you can look like you’re abroad. 

4. Blue Lake

As the name suggests, this place has clear blue water, which is even more beautiful when exposed to the sun. The beauty makes many young people come here, especially on weekends, to hunt for instagrammable photos.

5. Trikora Beach

Suppose you want to try a different beach view than others. In that case, you can come to Trikora Beach Bintan, which is not decorated with sand but with granite boulders of various shapes and sizes. Another interesting thing is the clear, shallow and bluish water on this beach.

6. Crystal Lagoon

Coming to Crystal Lagoon will amaze you with the beauty of the super clear beach. Unlike the previous list of destinations, Crystal Lagoon is Southeast Asia’s first artificial lagoon with extraordinary natural views. 

Make sure to come to one of the places above with a capable camera so the photos can be beautiful, whether a DSLR or smartphone camera. Happy holiday!

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