7 Tips To Purchase Finest Versace Sunglasses For Great Looks

Versace sunglasses have become a must-have fashion accessory. Not only does it complement your outfit, but it also grants you protection against sun damage. Remember the tips mentioned below when buying Versace glasses to buy one that suits your face, protects your eyes and complements your personality.

Always Choose UV Protection

Always opt for sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection. UV protection is the most crucial element when purchasing sunglasses; therefore, always seek the UV protection label. All Versace sunglasses are 100% UV protectant.

The polarised Versace Medusa Medallion Pilot Sunglasses is an excellent option that combines style with functionality.

Do They Block Enough Light?

Ensure that the sunglasses you intend to purchase can block out enough light. Any pair of Versace sunglasses should be able to block 75 to 90% of visible light. Wear the sunglasses in front of a mirror to test if they are dark enough to block out the sunshine; if you can see the eyes through the lens, then the shades are not adequately dark.

The Medusa Chain Sunglasses are perfect for a bohemian outfit.

Choosing Wider Frames

Size matters when it comes to sunglasses. The more coverage provided by your shades, the fewer solar rays can harm your eyes. So, opt for wraparound or large sunglasses when shopping for sunglasses online. It will reduce the number of UV rays penetrating the eyes, resulting in safe eyewear. When choosing larger sunglasses, remember to consider comfort and fit because you will be wearing those for lengthy periods in the sun.

If you want to go wide, then choose Greca Signature Sunglasses. A smaller option is the Medusa Biggie Sunglasses.

Check The Quality of The Lenses

The tint and clarity of the lenses are important. Look for a consistent tint rather than a darker one. Holding the sunglasses at arm’s length, check for defects by looking through the lens at a distance, such as at the edge of the door. Then, move the glass slowly across the line. The lens is imperfect if the straight line bends, distorts, tilts, or moves.

Check The Lens Colour

Sunglasses come in various lens colours, including grey, green, and brown. The colour of the lens has little effect on blocking sunlight; however, it can influence visual contrast. Certain lens colours can boost contrast, which may benefit athletes or players who participate in sports like cricket, golf or baseball.

The Medusa Biggie Sunglasses can jazz up a boring outfit in seconds.

Try out Wraparound Glasses

The frames of wraparound sunglasses give additional protection. Eyewear that curves around the temples assists in keeping sunlight out from both sides. Some studies have shown that sufficient UV radiation enters ordinary frames, reducing the protective benefits of the lenses.

You can also upgrade your sunglasses by adding chains to them. They’re fashion accessories that will keep your polarised sunglasses in place. They come in various colours and textures, such as herringbone, Cuban link and pearls.

The Versace Medusa Icon Shield Sunglasses are great wraparound glasses for extra protection and work as a style statement. The Greca Sunglasses is an elegant option that comes with a chain.

Buy Sunglasses According to Face Shape

While buying bigger sunglasses, first ensure that they suit your face. You can’t just go out and get something. Another factor to consider before purchasing eyewear is your face shape. Research your face shape. Is it an oval, round square, heart or oblong face? Whatever sunglasses you choose must balance and enhance your facial features. You can’t go large with sunglasses without first carefully studying your face.


Versace sunglasses India can help you buy your perfect pair of sunglasses. With a great build, countless designs and 100% UV protection, Versace sunglasses offers you a unique statement accessory that can be the star of your outfit.

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