Commonly, it is advisable by physicians that drugs or prescriptions should never be overused, and this is because when anyone overuses a medication above the normal prescription, it has a great way of bringing damage to the person’s health. It is always best to reach out to a trained pharmacist so that you will get the best description of the medication and the right prescription. It might amaze you to know that the best prescription for Sports Medicine can only be given by an orthopedic Doctor that has been really trained exceptionally. This is because the Doctor will prescribe according to the knowledge he has about the body structure. In medicine, no one makes the mistake of rating a drug or medication more than the other. This is because medications are prescribed based on the individual’s age and height. All doctors understand the rules behind prescriptions, and this is one of the necessary reasons to always check the weight of the victim. 

 Medications are never rated higher than the other; the present situation in which the patient is brought for treatment also triggers what to first prescription should be. Procedures are most times not the same. When you want to attend to an athlete that has a severe injury and bleeding, you will have to administer an approach that will help reduce or stop the bleeding before administering any oral medication after the person has gained consciousness. When another victim is brought for medical services and he or she happens to be a person who sustained a prolonged muscle pull as a result of the sports activities, you cannot decide to Initiate the same procedure as the previous. You can just administer Sports Medicine according to a proper prescription to help bring the person to the right condition of health, physically and emotionally. 

 There are so many reasons that trigger ill health for athletes when they get to the field, of sports and this is one big thing that should be understood first by the Doctor in charge of their health. Take note of the environment, if it’s a dusty area, allergies will definitely affect your health I am an asthmatic athlete. Knowing this should keep you in the interest of making available Sports Medicine that will do justice to those in this situation. Through proper prescription adherence, basic needs are being met by the available Doctor, during sporting activities.

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