Can I own property in India with OCI?

We have many cases in London where we have many Indian residents as well as other nationality residents who fall in the category of NIR and have always made a way out of having the services rendered and avail the benefits of here in London as well as in their homeland. We at Pindoria Law firm are the solicitors in London assist all cases where we have people looking for NRI legal services, and want to have a detailed understanding about the OC benefits.

Every country has different rules for different cases. In the case of Indian origin nationals the OCI card our solicitors help will advise in to know what all benefits can be gained though if you are based in London. The Overseas Citizens of India is a card where the person who is a card holder can purchase residential and commercial properties in India regardless of them being resided in London.NRI category has been different from the OCI one. Every country has a different policy for their Nonresident citizens. In India the rules for OCI is that they can purchase any property but they are not permitted to purchase agricultural land, including farm landing, plantation , agriculture land falling under the farmers category or any kind of plantation property. There are options still which are in favor where they can acquire or transferproperty in India like land, commercial offices etc. on lease, not exceeding the time frame of five years

Below are the basic criteria’s which our solicitors shall advise about law of NRI services and where Indian Government, shall make an application for the clients willing to register under the benefits. Here they may register any person as an Overseas Citizen of India, if the person falling under as below:

  • He / She was a citizen of India from or before year 1950
  • Has been an resident of India since the freedom year 1947
  • Has eligibility of being an Indian citizen from 1950
  • He/she was the grandson or daughter of the citizen from 1950 era.
  • He/she has been a minor during the time.
  • In case of Minors, the child needs to have the both the parents citizenship to be Indian.
  • If her or she is the spouse of foreign origin but are citizen of India or spouse of foreign origin of an Overseas Citizen of India Cardholder. Certain cases should have been registered under section 7A of the Citizenship Act, 1955 where their marriage has been registered and subsisted for a continuous period of not less than two years in India and immediately then have been preceding the application for the presentation for other country.

Here the permit is strictly restricted only and only for any person whose roots are having a touch base with Indian resident. People having roots from Bangladesh or Pakistan cannot be termed under this category. We do have expert advisors who shall always be at the task on taking the OCI applications / or act in as OCI agents in London for your any such queries.

Also now let us understand how Overseas Citizenship of India allows a holder to have below:

OCI applicants are categorized with Multiple-entry/ multi-purpose lifelong visa to visit home land.

They are having exemption from foreigner registration requirements during their stay in India.

For NRI legal services only allows non-resident Indians in financial, economic and educational fields. No permission in the acquisition of agricultural or plantation related properties are permitted.

There are certain restrictions levied on the NRI and OCI category.

  • NRi / OCI applicants do not have the right to vote.
  • There are no right to hold the offices of Prime Minister, President, Vice-President, Judge of Supreme Court and High Court, member of Council, Legislative Assembly, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and general political parties.
  • They are not eligible for any right or application to any government jobs or any kind of public services for the same.
  • They do not have the right to hold any type or agricultural property on their name, but can lease if need be.

For our clients asking in for NRI legal services we have a secluded division as in the laws are very much clear on the number of days they would have spent in US and in London/India. But in case of OCI we have agents guiding in the complete details. We also have an option called PIO where now OCI and PIO documents merge.

If you are looking forward for helping any of your known one to have the details and applications on

NRI Legal advises or looking for OCI Agents in London, then we are your best solicitor partners a click away. Always Happy to help J


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