Deep Clean Vs. A Regular Clean: What’s The Difference?

Now, more than ever, deep cleaning services are in demand. Knowing your home is clean and sanitary, is of utmost importance. For many, the home is now the office. And what about your elderly relatives? They can’t perform a deep clean at a time, they need it most. Companies like maid services in plano can provide more than just a cleaning service, but peace of mind.

But what’s the difference between a regular clean and a deep clean? Many do not understand or have a subjective idea. Let’s get into the truth of how to tell the difference.

What is a Regular Clean Composed of?

A regular clean is done on a weekly or biweekly basis. Maybe more for some, depending on the traffic in the home and the number of occupants. Animals and kids we love to have around, but they’re also the biggest mess makers. Taking this into consideration when deciding when you need a deep clean is important.

Regular cleaning will be what’s called wet and dry. This means dusting and polishing of furniture; changing linens; vacuuming; mopping; straightening of rooms for a tidy appearance; cleaning bathroom surfaces, toilet and mirrors; cleaning kitchen surfaces and wiping down the outer surface of appliances.

What is a Deep Cleaning Composed of?

Cleaning like this is once every 6 months. It will remove sticky grime and deep dirt inside the home in places that a regular clean doesn’t address.

In a deep clean, they will wash spaces like your baseboards. Sometimes walls, if there’s a reason. Inside smoking, and a lot of grease used in the kitchen may cause this, but that’s not for everyone. Cleaning under oven smoke hoods and top.

Oven interior glass and oven cleaning, but that may be extra as it takes a while to complete. Interior windows; window frames; patio doors;scale and soap scum from all taps, showers and baths.

Now you’re ready to book maid services in plano, this is the easiest procedure. First, take stock of your home. You will want to determine how much service you need and the frequency.

Second, look at the information for your home and know the square footage. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, and how big is the kitchen? How many stories is the home? What types of floors do you have in the home? All of this information is important and affects the rate you’ll pay.

For a deep clean, you’ll want that every 6 months max. However, for high-traffic areas and many people in the home, you may need it a little more often.

For those who are just moving into a new home or people are moving out, or you’re renting your home to others or renting a home for yourself, these are other reasons for a deep clean.

Next, call the maid service of your choice. Be prepared to tell them the information you’ve gathered about the home. A proficient cleaning service will ask the questions in the form of an intake. They may even come out for a free estimate in writing and allow you to decide and help you make the best decision for your needs. An exemplary service and one you’ll use repeatedly will never suggest more than what you need.

Today, a cleaning service is important for health concerns. Contemporary services will have current hospital-grade equipment and chemicals, and green chemicals for those who want effective cleaning and environmental care.

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