You can always consult divorce lawyers in MA to sort issues that relate to you getting a divorce from your marriage to getting legal advice on Massachusetts marriage laws, divorce laws, and family laws in their entirety. There are some laws that are in operation in Massachusetts but are only unique to the state, you have to consult divorce lawyers to help you in understanding these laws and how they relate to your situation if you and your partner live in Massachusetts and you are about to end your marriage there are certain requirements that your marriage should meet before it can be dissolved by the court, so you should know about these requirements before pressing further so that it won’t amount to you waiting the court’s time, your time and resources, you may not be able to study about the requirements on your own but it will be easier if you carry your lawyers along in.

If you are the one filing for divorce (a plaintiff) you must have met the residency requirement which states that you must have lived in Massachusetts for at least 12 months before you are afforded the opportunity of filing for a divorce in a Massachusetts court if you have not fulfilled this residency requirement, you may not proceed for a divorce case until you have met the requirement, it is advisable that you patiently wait till you have lived up to 12 months before going on with filing a case. Massachusetts laws permit you to file for divorce on a no-fault ground that is; you can file for a divorce even if you and your spouse have no tangible reasons or fault you want to point as a reason for filing your divorce except that there exist irreconcilable differences and breakdown of your marriage which cannot be corrected. But here, it is advisable that both you and your partner should agree before proceeding,

If your spouse is addicted to a substance and its addiction can be established medically, you can file for a divorce on that premise, in Massachusetts, you are allowed to file for a divorce based on the fact that your spouse is addicted to drugs and alcohol, people who hire services of divorce lawyers in MA have prior knowledge of this and can proceed to court to save themselves and children from the harm that can come from addictive partners.

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