Do I need a Dedicated Server for Growing Website?

Hosting on dedicated servers is an inevitable step for a continually growing web or e-commerce that requires more resources and privacy to work. In HostingRaja, we will explain everything about this service, how it works and when it is time to buy it without representing economic loss or delays in the technical installation.

When is the time to buy a dedicated server?

A dedicated server works as a separate machine to which you will have exclusive access and control of all its resources. Depending on your level of expertise, they are available in two modalities: managed and unmanaged. Many webmasters who want to prevents technical difficulties prefer the managed WordPress hosting to focus entirely on the development of the web and its growth.

This type of service has numerous advantages in aspects such as security, speed and privacy. However, not everyone requires them. Small and medium-sized websites, blogs, nascent e-commerce, services pages without high traffic do not need a dedicated server.

Buying a dedicated server without measuring the needs leads to a higher economic expense for something that you won’t use 100%. The dedicated server price can be hundreds of dollars per month on average. Also, its maintenance requires a particular technical skill that is not needed with shared hosting.

In this case, we want to tell you some criteria whether you need a Dedicated Server or not

  • If you have high traffic websites, it requires more resources to function and have better loading speed. Depending on the case, VPS also works.
  • E-commerce in need of higher performance, database, and security on its servers.
  • Pages dedicated investments and money transactions that require total privacy for your operations.
  • Complex web projects that require the installation of applications directly from the server. With all administration rights.
  • Developers with the management of multiple high traffic projects. And, with constant demands for performance. In this case, dedicated physical or virtualized servers are the best option.
  • Service providers that require higher performance of their accommodation and total independence to manage resources.

How do dedicated servers work?

Dedicated servers work differently than any shared system because they require some technical skills. Aspects such as security, configuration, application installation and others will depend entirely on you. A purchase of a managed service is an option for webmasters without time to be dedicated to the technical.

When buying a dedicated server, there are some essential criteria to take into account for your selection:

    1. #1 Linux vs. Windows

To operate the servers, you must have an operating system installed. In this case, there are two that stand out: Linux and Windows. You have to make this decision based on your project is crucial. Since both platforms run different applications. 

    1. #2 Server control panels

Control panels are part of the installation packages on dedicated servers. The commonly used ones are  CPanel, Ensim, and Plesk. The step of selecting the best control panel is essential as this system works to administer and manage the entire server. Everyone has different ram needs. Among the advantages of cPanel is that its ram consumption is lower compared to other systems such as Plesk. The latter requires having 512 MB to 1GB of ram.

    1. #3 Available RAM

The selection criteria of a dedicated server are similar to a physical computer. Remember that it is physical equipment. Keep in mind the ram availability they offer. You should make sure that it covers the needs of your applications, the operating system you opted for, and for the web traffic.

    1. #4 Technical support

It is essential to have excellent technical service. One of the reasons why people decide to change hosting is because of poor and timely attention. Great technical support will save you a lot of time in the future.

    1. #5 The processor or CPU

This is another of the specifications that you will notice when buying a dedicated server hosting. In today’s market, the most common processor in hosting plans is the Intel Xeon, a powerful high-end system with processing and storage speed. Therefore, check the CPU specifications according to your needs!

To compare server processors, consider elements such as processing speed (GHz), cores, and cache memory.

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