Fine Food, Paired with Finer Organic Cannabis Oil, Awaits Visitors to Lowell Cafe in West Hollywood

Visitors to West Hollywood’s new Lowell Cafe are in for an innovative, laid-back experience. Currently, the only legal cannabis restaurant in America, Lowell Cafe not only offers up tasty dishes to pair with your favorite cannabis strains, but they’re prepared under the talented and expert eye of world-renowned chef, Andrea Drummer. Drummer, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and co-owner of Lowell Cafe, recently told Vogue she’s excited to be partnering with Lowell Herb because of the superior quality of their organic cannabis oil.

About Lowell Herb

Aside from the growing process, what sets Lowell Herb’s organic cannabis oil apart from the pack is the way in which it’s extracted. Lowell Herb uses no harsh chemical additives in the process, opting instead for a freezer-to-ice-water-to-press alternative that keeps the clean, unadulterated flavor of the bloom intact. Unlike their competitors, who heat the flower and sacrifice taste in the process, Lowell Herb’s cold-pressed, organic cannabis oil tastes clean, with no lingering chemical aftertaste.

Lowell Farms, family owned since 1909, has been recognized multiple times throughout the decades. Their devotion to caring for the environment while caring for their marijuana is unrivaled in the industry. Lowell’s pesticide-free growing method allows for the use of only organic fertilizers. They use only natural materials in their farming and harvesting, and they pay their employees a fair, living wage. For the green-minded consumer, Lowell Herb is the obvious choice for cold-pressed, organic cannabis oil as well as a full range of cannabis products, including:

  • Cylinder Smokes
  • Cannabis Flower
  • Cannabis Oil
  • Smoking Accessories and Apparel

Lowell Herb ships in sustainable packaging and offers a line of CBD items for consumers outside the state of California.

About Lowell Cafe

Trendy and gorgeous, Lowell Cafe opened in West Hollywood on October 1st. Its living overhead ceiling and walls are the first things patrons notice as they come here to smoke, vape, and dine. Patrons can purchase Lowell Herb products here, too. Described as a combination eatery/weedery, Lowell Cafe features a spacious area for patrons to dine and drink non-alcoholic beverages, a bigger indoor lounge dedicated to vaping and smoking, and an outdoor garden area for friends to gather, relax, and enjoy the products offered.

While the food is not infused with cannabis, great care is taken with the bud pairings to ensure that diners get the best flavor experience possible.

Aside from the distinction of being the first and only cannabis restaurant in the nation, Lowell Cafe has location on its side, as well. Smack in the middle of West Hollywood — voted the nation’s “most walkable” city, it’s bordered by Beverly Hills to the west and Hollywood Hills on the north. Easy access to Los Angeles ensures a steady flow of hip and trendy local traffic to this innovative marriage of fine weed and finer dining.

Organic Cannabis Oil: The Ultimate Farm-to-Table Experience

The driving forces behind Lowell Cafe have been pushing for four years to see their dreams realized. As executive chef, Drummer seeks to provide patrons a premiere experience that blends food and cannabis seamlessly — a feat for which she comes well-recommended. A pioneer visionary in the preparation and pairing of food and cannabis, Drummer is the author of “Cannabis Cuisine: Bud Pairings of a Born-Again Chef.”

Lowell Herb, with their outstanding tradition of providing only the highest-quality, cleanest form of cannabis oil, seeks to appeal to patrons who enjoy a fine smoking or vaping experience. Earth-friendly and environmentally conscious, this latest venture is sure to create quite the buzz in West Hollywood.

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