Genuine Oriental Rugs Are Hand-Woven

If you’re looking for a luxurious and beautiful piece to set your home apart, look no further than a hand-woven oriental rug. Most rugs these days are mass-produced in factories. However, the ancient trade of hand-weaving Persian rugs continues to this day. A hand-made oriental rug is the perfect conversation piece for your home. It is made to higher standards than mass-produced rugs and each rug is unique. To learn more about the unique beauty and craftsmanship that goes into every Persian rug, keep reading.

Mass-Produced Rugs

As previously mentioned, mass-produced rugs are the norm these days. These rugs are made by machines in factories that churn out thousands of rugs a day. Each company will sell several different designs, but when you buy a rug you know that this same design can be found in thousands of other homes. Also, mass-produced rugs are often made out of low-quality artificial fibers because this material is cheap. A look at hand-woven oriental rugs shows that the process for these luxurious items couldn’t be more different.

Weaving Rugs By Hand

Traditionally, the trade is passed down through families from generation to generation in Iran. In recent years, many Americans of Persian descent have been reviving the trade of their forefathers in response to greater demand for handmade items. It takes many years of training to learn how to weave rugs beautifully. Even after this training, a single rug requires a significant time investment from a master weaver. Also, authentic Persian rugs are made out of high-quality natural materials like wool, silk or cotton. The polyester used in many factory-made rugs is not as beautiful or luxurious as these natural fabrics. Also, a skilled artisan can weave these materials into unique designs that mass-produced rugs can’t match.

Learn More About Genuine Hand-Woven Rugs

An authentic Persian rug shop will have expert employees who can answer any and all questions you may have about these unique items. This warmth and knowledge create a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else. These experts can even provide you with recommendations on which rugs may look best in your home. Also, an authentic rug shop will have a wider variety of rugs, both in design and in material, than you may find elsewhere. If you want a unique and luxurious item for your home that can also be a conversation piece, an oriental rug is worth a look.

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