Guidelines to play safe online Poker in Indonesia

Indonesia is known for its fondness for gambling. There are many casinos and even more online gambling sites which offer some gripping opportunities for all gamblers in Asia. Amongst those sites are those which offer an enthralling experience of playing Poker and that too with guaranteed wins.

However, every Poker fan in Indonesia is aware of their strict rules against gambling and there is no doubt that these rules are the hardest in the World. Having a good population of Muslims, this game is outlawed even for non-muslims. Despite the harsh laws that can result in canning and long-term imprisonment, Poker is not played but celebrated in Indonesia. And, this country consists of some of the best poker players in the world.

However, with the advancement of technology, these poker fans are diverting to online poker sites to satisfy their craze of gambling. And, these sites are marginally safer than those poker rooms.

Let’s take a look at Indonesia’s Gambling rules for a safe playing

Gambling isn’t just an illegal thing in Indonesia, it’s highly punishable too. Having a majority of the Muslim population, all forms of gambling comes under the illegitimate category in this country since the 1970s. However, there are still some flourishing underground gambling spots in the South-Asian countries, which are operating completely on their own risks.

Talking about Poker, it is extremely popular in Indonesia and people at times set up dens at their friend’s house, private properties or at underground casinos. However, as Police always kept a close eye on these gamblers, every now and then there are raids happening on such spots and the ones who are caught aren’t spared. The minimum ‘severe’ punishment one receives in canning and a maximum one being imprisonment for ten long years.

Despite these harsh laws, Poker is still blossoming in Indonesia. People who used to gamble in private houses or underground casinos have diverted to online poker sites, the only reason why these sites are gaining this much popularity.

However, either playing poker inside a private property or online, the punishment remains the same for both Indonesians and the outsiders. Therefore, these are some ways of playing safely while being watched closely by Indonesian’s authorities:

  • Using proxy servers while playing poker at international sites is one of the safe ways for Indonesians since there has been an uprising crackdown for those playing online.
  • Another safe way and often applied by local Poker players are finding an underground internet cafe that permits the players to access internet poker without getting traced.
  • There are various international gambling sites that always keep a room for Indonesian players to download a full Poker tilt without the fear of being under the dominion of the Indonesian Government.

Diverting to online poker sites or mobile casinos have decreased the risk of getting involved in illegal gambling groups who look to reel foreign tourist with their fraud games. In every aspect, online Poker rooms are considered somewhat safe for every gambler in Indonesia.

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