Home Hazards: How Do House Fires In Singapore Occur?

According to a fire risk assessment in Singapore, more or less 1,010 fire incidents were tracked in 2021. These disasters happened in both public and private residential premises. Fire is an unanticipated circumstance that commonly occurs because of extreme electricity usage or carelessness. Take precautions against these top causes of fire in Singapore.


Even in or out of Singapore, the leading reason for fire incidents is unattended cooking. In 2021, over 408 fire cases happened because of cooking activities. Whether you’re using an LPG tank, a stove, or an induction cooker, there are high risks of starting a fire. Schedule frequent checkups with a fire safety consultancy to ensure your and your family’s safety. Always keep a keen eye whenever you’re cooking or using your stove. Also, make sure to switch off your stove and LPG after every use.


Did you know unplugging appliances causes overheating and results in a fire? These appliances are a double-edged sword. It doesn’t only increase the chances of fire incidents but also drives up the power usage in your household, causing a costly electric bill. Never leave your outlets and power cords plugged in. Also, you may contact a fire safety consultant in Singapore to check if your cables are still in good condition.


Another common cause of fire incidents, according to the most recent fire risk assessment report in Singapore, is broken wirings. If you notice damaged electrical cords or smell any smoke from your outlets, call in repair services or have it checked by a fire safety consultancy.

A fire can occur any time of the day. The best ways to avoid fire incidents are getting frequent appointments with a fire safety consultant in Singapore, unplugging devices at night, and checking if your stove is turned off. Greater damages and loss may happen not only to your family but also to your neighbourhood once a fire starts.

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