How to Get a Makeover with Polo Shirts?

Polo shirts have evolved as one of the classiest outfits for men in our generation today and will probably continue to do so. It’s not just a cloth to be worn while playing polo. You can carry yourself in it to the office, dates, coffee breaks and much more.

People who are biased in style may find difficulty in accepting polo shirts as their best fit due to its common use at working places as a uniform or in schools as a sports dress. But before you judge, look around yourself. Polo shirts are one of the sassy choices one could opt for.

You can get yourself all macho and stud by wearing the best polo shirts as per your fit. It is not only about style but also other features that make it easy to wear. They are:

  • The polo shirts are comfortable.
  • Polo shirts that are made of pique (a type of textured cloth) do not allow sweat to stick to your body.
  • They can be worn as work polo shirts because of the formal look it has.
  • On a hot day, full shirts will only suffocate you whereas polo shirts won’t as it will reduce your sweat and heat.

Steps which you can take to get a makeover at:

  • At Work

When going to the office, you could have a blazer or coat to give you a solid professional look above the polo shirts.

  • At the Gym

You lose a lot of sweat from your body while at the gym, exercising. Polo shirts are both comfy and style. Thus, you don’t have to worry to look the best even when jaded. Even with one of those delightful Custom Drawstring Bags slung on, you still turn up looking lovely.

  • At Shopping Malls

Don’t think twice when your comfort is at stake. Choose polo shirts with multicolour collars and hems. It will surely give you a cool look.

  • Long Traveling

To make yourself look like a traveller choose a bright-coloured polo shirt with patterns or wear a personalise polo shirt in an unstructured natural way. It will certainly give you the look of a regular serious traveller.

With polo shirts in your wardrobe, you don’t have to try hard with your style. Try it as a suit by putting on a blazer for the office or add a denim jacket when going out with your boy bands. You can choose a long placket buttoned polo or a folded upper arm hem. There are varieties of innumerable. Get what you feel is your need.

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