How to get the spouse visa after getting married?

As you see in the topic we are going to take the details about the spouse visa and what are the basic requirements that it is going through. UK marriage visa is also known as the spouse visa which allows the marriage partners of the UK citizen to do the immigration to the United Kingdom. They can be married to someone who already settled in the UK. This refers that the person who had the residents pattern with having no restrictions to stay in the country. They have to take the test with a1 english test for spouse visaThe person who gets the spouse visas can have the eligibility to work or study in the country everywhere.

Qualities for the spouse visa:

This visa must satisfy the requirements of the quality that the government had fixed through, those are,

  • The married couples for the spouse visa should be above the age of 18.
  • They both have to meet each other personally and do the legal formalities for the marriage. This stops the arranged marriages.
  • The purpose of the marriage should be to live together permanently.
  • The person from outside the UK must have the independency on the financial side. That person should not depend on public funds at any point.
  • A person who has the citizenship must earn more than 18 thousand pounds and more. Or the person should have a limit for sponsoring the other person who going to get married.
  • The financial requirements for the minimum level are higher to the conditions where they are going to sponsoring the dependent child.
  • It is necessary for people with suitable accommodation and if any dependency is required.
  • At the last, they should clean the language test levels for the surveying.

One can apply for a spouse visa from inside the UK or overseas. If you are in the UK already under the fiance visa, working visa, or the student visa then it is allowed to extend the visa period if they applied for switching to a spouse visa. After the application, the government takes to process the spouse visa to be extended for about two to a maximum of twelve weeks of the submission. But this time process many get vary that according to the country that the visa application comes from.

When you applied for the spouse visa from overseas it is initially applied for thirty-three months. But if you are in the UK then the spouse visa will be issued for 30 months. After these, you can apply for the extension where you can get the extension period of extra 30 months. These will take the total period of visa for 5 years so that after this period you are eligible to apply for ILR (indefinite leave to remain). This means that you are married and leading the life in the UK with the partner and can meet the requirements and maintenance in the country. After you received the ILR you have the eligibility to apply for citizenship as a British person. These are the procedure to get the spouse visa to build up as a citizen.

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