How To Help Enable Pregnant People Overcome Their Addiction? 

Did you know that there were over 6000 babies born with opioid addiction in Florida? This is due to pregnant addiction in Florida. That’s why the Floridian government has taken a federal grant to help fight opioid abuse. They have taken a grant of over $58.8 million.

The funding will enable Florida to hire a department of health coordinator to enhance resources for pregnant women and offer real-time saving services to treat babies and pregnant people with addiction.

Moreover, Florida has several rehab facilities to help pregnant women detoxify safely. This article will tell you how these rehab centers have specialized treatments to treat pregnant addiction in Florida.

Treatment options for pregnant people’s addiction

Suppose you are struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol. You must strive to get help before conceiving. However, if you become pregnant and are still struggling with addiction, don’t hesitate to seek help.

There are several centers available in Florida that will help you get the treatment you need. Most treatment centers offer you the following treatment options:

Detox drugs 

Initially, to detox, some safe detox drugs are provided to prevent the side effects of detoxification. Benzodiazepines are popular for treating alcohol addiction, and Methadone and Buprenorphine are used to treat opioid addiction in pregnant people. These are FDA-approved and decrease the risk of addiction in your unborn child.

While taking medicines that can harm your unborn child is not ideal, you might need detox drugs to prevent using opioids. Ensure you follow the dosage as prescribed by your rehab facility.

Prenatal treatment 

The rehab facilities also offer appropriate prenatal treatment. They will suggest appropriate diet plans, multivitamins to consume, and nutritional services to improve your health and your unborn child’s health.

Moreover, such centers will give you structured sleep schedules, obstetrics care, and necessary medical treatment to ensure your pregnancy goes smoothly despite recovering from addiction. They also offer a pharmacological tool to improve prenatal and pregnancy health to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Serenity education

Rehab centers also offer serenity and education to detoxify pregnant people. They offer yoga sessions and mindful meditation sessions. They also offer acupuncture and other options to help you detoxify. They also use treatments like psychodrama and eye movement desensitization to enable you to have serenity and a smooth recovery journey.

Peer support groups 

Floridian rehab centers also offer peer support groups and individual support to provide encouragement to pregnant people to stay on the path of abstinence. These groups enable pregnant people to ensure long-term sobriety. Moreover, there are transitional programs and aftercare services that enable pregnant people to sustain their recovery.

At least 5% of Floridian women have admitted to abusing drugs during pregnancy. Also, many have abused alcohol. All this has resulted in over 6000 babies being born with addiction or developmental issues. That’s why centers addressing pregnant addiction in Florida are vital.

These centers provide a haven for pregnant people to come and seek help to overcome their addiction. The programs offered by these rehab facilities include safe detox drugs, prenatal treatment, proper diet, and serenity education. Most of the facilities offer an avenue to help pregnant people become sober and enable them to give birth safely.

So, find the best rehab centers in Florida to get rid of addiction when you are expecting.

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