How winners play rummy differently?

Among the popular card games of India, Rummy ranks first. People from different states of India play different variations of rummy card games. The game is interesting and easy to learn. However, winning rummy may require some tricks and tactics. Understanding the specific rules and strategies used by winners to win rummy games and tourneys will help you also to master the game. Here we have explained how winners play rummy differently and increase their chances of winning it. Read along and understand the nuances of your favourite card game:

They Arrange the Cards in a Manner That is Easy to Recollect

If you have to play your turn in rummy quickly and wisely, you should remember the cards in your hand. This is possible only if you are organised. Good players arrange the cards in their hand in a manner that is easy to remember. They arrange all the jokers to one end of their hand. They arrange the cards that need to be disposed to the other end of their hand. In the middle, they arrange cards that are in a sequence or may form a sequence. Such an arrangement of cards makes it easy for the player to remember what to keep and what to dispose.

They Focus on Life First

In rummy, till the life is formed, your hand is regarded as a full hand. The definition of life varies based on the variation of rummy you are playing. In 10 cards rummy game, life is formed of just one pure sequence. In 13 cards rummy game and 21 cards rummy game, one natural or pure sequence and one real or artificial sequence together for life. The good players know the significance of life and focus on completing their life before preparing sets.

They Leave Multiple Options for Completing the Sequence

When we try to make a sequence where 2 and 4 of hearts are there in our hand, only 3 of hearts can complete this sequence. On the other hand, when we make pairs of cards of consecutive numbers like 2 and 3 of hearts, the sequence can be completed by A of hearts or 4 of hearts. This means 2 avenues are open for the players to complete the sequence. These are the kinds of pairs the winners make so that the number of chances they have are more.

They Dispose All the High Point Cards

High point cards are a menace in rummy card games. If they do not form a part of a sequence or a set, these cards simply increase the points in your hand. If the opponent wins, the number of high point cards you have in your hand can cost you that many points. That is why all the good players dispose off high point cards and picture cards that do not form a part of the sequence or set. This helps to reduce the total points in your hand.

They Make Optimum Use of Jokers

Jokers in rummy are like wild cards in Uno. They help you complete the sequences and sets easily. That is why they hold a lot of value. Making the best use of jokers is one skill most of the good players possess. There are three kinds of jokers used in rummy card game, regular jokers, blank cards and pulled out jokers.

They Don’t Hesitate to Quit the Game

Bravado does not lie in playing a losing game and all winners know this as a fact. That is why good players do not hesitate to call it quits when they see they are about to lose the game. They may choose first drop or second drop over full hand in rummy games.

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