Hyper X Cloud Alpha



If you are in the gaming world, there is a high possibility that you’ve seen people discussing about the Hyper X Cloud Alpha. These are the new advanced pair of headphones which come with a lot of advanced feature and an affordable budget that can fit the needs of all the gamers. Gamers have been enjoying these headsets and prefer to use them as they are an affordable option that covers all of their needs. It offers a relatively high quality for a lower price. Also, a lot of unwanted complications are kept out of the gaming session with these headphones. 


Everyone working from home will prefer these headphones as they have a great set of mics with comfortable padding to make them usable for long hours. Thus, the conference of these works for long hours is easily facilitated by these amazing pair of headphones.


From the very beginning, the design of these headphones was done keeping the budget and durability in the mind. While the priority of the headphones made for gaming is aesthetic. You need to get affordable hyper x cloud alpha if the budget is really in your mind. With less lighting, these headphones are multipurpose and can be used for many other purposes apart from gaming as well. The ear cups are made of plastic while the ends are of metal with thick ear padding to make the overall experience comfortable for the user.


If you somehow damage the cable or the microphone of this headphone, you can easily replace them with different parts which will be available for a cheaper price. Thus, these detachable parts make these headphones a wise solution if your budget is your main concern. It creates a very tight seal around your head which is necessary so that there is no sound leak. It’s great for isolation and allows the gamer to have a great gaming experience while the gameplay. 


Around one-third way down the cable then there are microphone mute switches with volume control. Having the option to change the volume from master rather than changing the computer setting is a great option. You can also get an affordable RTX 3090 in India as an affordable option.  


How to connect Hyper X Cloud Alpha


Anything that has a 3.5 mm headphone jack will be connected to hyper X Cloud alpha. There is no need for any separate software, it works on a simple plug and play mechanism. 


How is the sound?


The headphones sound great and are a suitable option for isolation. Surely, it is not one of the high-end gaming headsets but is surely the best you can get in the given budget. 


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