Invisible Ink Marked Cards: Learn to Detect

As a professional poker player, you may be relying on your poker fundamental skills to make money. You might have own several games using your intellectual and emotional intelligence. You must have lost equal, if not more, hands. It is perfectly natural to win some and lose some. This is the beauty of poker. But some scrupulous players use tricks like invisible ink marked cards to spoil the charm of the game just for a few hundred dollars.

The menace of invisible ink marked card, which isn’t possible to detect with a naked eye, is creating unnecessary distrust among live poker players. You simply cannot enjoy the game if you are suspicious of any move. Poker cheats use these marked cards and read car makers using special infrared or UV contact lenses and sunglasses. At an advanced level, poker cheating cameras are installed to read these ink marked cards and help compromised players.

The best strategy is to have a collection of these accessories. You can buy these invisible ink marked card reader eye lenses and sunglass from reliable platforms like Marked Playing Cards.

What Is Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Cheater poker players use infra-red ink for marking cards. This IR inks marking are not visible to a naked eye, so the name is invisible ink. Players use special UV or IR reader devices like lenses and glasses to read the markings and use that information to win the game. The technology is pretty simple as the human eye cannot detect IR lights and using readers cheat could read it easily.

For a normal eye, these invisible ink marked cards are perfectly normal card deck. Even if it is a new deck, cheats make it sure that players couldn’t detect the false packaging of the card box. Prevention is the best strategy, so equip yourself with some of the popular accessories to avoid any chance of cheating.  Here are some tips, you can use to ensure fair poker play:

  • Read Marking

There is no way you could detect the marking with your naked eye, as every visible thing remains the same. The difference is invisibility. So, you have to make it sure using the UV/IR devices that there is no marking on the cards.

  • Expose

Poker is a game of information. Your smartness in information gathering and timely use makes you the winner. If you have information about the marked cards you can use it in your favor and expose the cheater.

  • How It Is Used

Even if you don’t have the requisite device to read the IR ink making, you can guess the foul play. Usually, cheats will show unwanted attention on your cards to read the markings. The moment they get the desired information their game style will change abruptly. You can report any activity and save the game for all players.

So, it is good to have a nice collection of advanced devices so that you could play with confidence and win with assurance. You can buy these card reading accessories at very affordable are online on

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