Login ID Competitor Analysis

Today’s advanced technology makes many industries heavily rely on digitizing their business records and processes. With these advancements, reliable authentication protocols have become a priority to many digital device users and program creators. In many of today’s online transactions, the password system of the past is now seen as vulnerable to data breaches and intrusions. Because of this concern, there is a higher demand for up-to-date ways of online identity verification.

Recently, as more and more people rely on digital transactions made double by the pandemic, experts in digital security have noticed significant improvements in authentication by tech companies. 

Here are some of the best digital security providers on the market.


FIDO2 certification marks excellence in providing biometric security products. This includes SaaS-based Passwordless Authentication and Digital Onboarding. LoginID’s advanced authentication works with allsignificant browsers worldwide.

LoginID has systems that allow faster identity verification, especially for banking and finance. Current offerings include quick digital ID verification and passwordless authentication to enable consumers to quickly access their documents and verify identities.


Auth0 is another leader when it comes to data security. They worked on their customers’ requirements and, as a result, offer FIDO WebAuthn-based biometrics, email options, and magic link options for an authentic security experience and are compatible with the following programs: mobile applications, Web applications, Single-page applications, and API use for the integration. However, experts in Java think that Auth0’s security authentication needs to be improved.


Germany’s authentication provider offers identity verification that includes validation or address confirmation and biometric matching via selfies and validation. This ensures that users can verify their identity in real-time.

Nok Nok

The US is a leader in passwordless authentication. Nok Nok offers identity certification for cloud, mobile, web, and IoT. They offer multi-factor authentication (MFA) and biometric proofing protocols that can be integrated into multiple channels via a single API.

These security providers are just a few of many that you should be aware of. There are many other options. There are many more options. Let this infographic by Login ID provide more information about advanced authentication.


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