Mini Roulette: How to Play and Winning Tips from Experts

Mini Roulette slot machines are like a mini version of the original, with a rather simple design and excellent payouts. Objectively, the Mini Roulette machine gives a much greater chance of winning than the regular version.

Features of Mini Roulette and Its Difference From A Regular One

The developer of mini-roulette is PlayTech. It has a total of 12 numbers plus zero. There are the same bets as in the European version, but some are different. For example, you can bet on numbers from 1 to 6, from 4 to 9, from 7 to 12. There are also mini-roulettes with double zero.

Let’s look at the varieties of bets in mini roulette:

Straight bet (on the number from 1 to 12);

Split bet (on any two numbers);

Street bet (on a row of three numbers);

Three bets (bet on three consecutive numbers);

Corner bet (on a row of four numbers);

Column bet (select any of the three combinations);

Black/red bet;

Even/Odd bet.

There are two modes (two tables): Low Roller – for simplified gameplay, and Standard – for more solid bets. There are several types of bets. The riskiest for beginners is to bet on a specific number. An easier way is to bet on red-black, even-odd, and so on.

Tips to Master the Mini Roulette Game

Once you get in the course of things after reading the special information table, you can start to bet online and start the spinning wheel. Choose the size of the bets, a simplified or a standard mode, and decide on the chip value.

You can bet online on several sections at the same time, or on one. After clicking on the spin button, the wheel with the ball inside will spin and after a few seconds, you will get the number and its color.

A zero sector in mini roulette makes this game not as profitable as roulette without zero. Nevertheless, if the casino returns half of the bet in case of a loss, its advantage decreases to 3.85%. This is an average indicator, but it is quite good compared to other casino games.

Another benefit is the lack of bet limits in the game. That is very good for those who use the Martingale and Labuscher systems. The main thing, in this case, is that the bankroll withstands the test of high rates. Calculating the mathematical expectation in mini roulette will not be difficult, but in any case, at first, it is better to practice playing this type of roulette for free. Mini roulette is a perfect gambling for beginners.

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