Things to Know Before Transporting Luxury and Exotic Cars

It is very normal to be worried and insecure when it coming to transporting your car, especially if you own an expensive antique or exotic car. Now, if you are thinking that driving your car to its destination will be easier and safer than transporting it with via an auto shipment company, then sadly you are wrong.

There are many reasons for which hiring an auto shipment company will make a lot of sense especially when it is about transporting antique cars. Also, there are companies like which have years of experience in collector car shipping, and thus you can be rest assured that your car will be delivered at its destination without a scratch.

Nevertheless, there are many important things which you must know before transporting your antique car. If this is your first time, do read the information given here.

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Two primary types of car shipment vehicles: Open air and Enclosed

Open Air Trailers

Open air trailers usually come in multiple or single car format. A multiple car open trailer can carry as many as 10 to 12 cars in one ride. This means, they are a very cost effective option of transporting cars.

However, don’t forget that open car trailers are even the least protective ones. This is because your car will be open to sky and thus will be exposed to weather and debris. Furthermore, an open air trailer transports multiple cars at a time, and thus it might take long to deliver yours.

Enclosed Trailers

Mostly, enclosed trailers are used to transport luxury, classic, antique, collectible, and sports car. This method of transport is usually opted by car owners because it ensures better safety of their vehicles. Besides, shipping a car via an enclosed trailer is like hiring a more personalized service, because enclosed car transport usually ships only one car at a time.

Transporting via an enclosed trailer is more expensive compared to transporting via open air trailers. Then again, the type of protection it provides to your expensive automobile is surely well-worth the additional expense. If you are looking for VIP level of service, enclosed transport it your best option.

Why you must never go for cheap shipping options and services?

Shipping a car with an auto shipment company will help in saving your money now and in long run. The thing is, driving collector and luxury cars long distances is very risky. You might have to spend a lot on maintenance and repairs, and don’t forget about the extra miles you will be adding to the car. Furthermore, it will take several days.

All in all, it is best to spend a little more when it comes to transporting a high-end automobile. After all, it does ensure that your car will have no wear and tear.

Lastly, there are many good and reliable luxury and antique car shipping companies in the United States. If you are on a budget, all you have to do is take multiple quotes and compare rates and services. You can take necessary measures to save your money, but don’t neglect the company’s track record, level of service, level of customer’s satisfaction, and insurance policies.

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