Top Coating for the Nail Polish: What You need

If you want your nail polish to last longer, we recommend that you degrease your nails entirely so that the nail polish can adhere well. To ensure that your nails are in perfect condition for a nail polish layer, you will have to clean your nails first. The Nourishing Nail Polish Remover is ideal for this. The added ingredient Lanolin prevents dehydration and also gives the nails a beautiful shine. And friendly, the nail polish remover is acetone-free and has a pleasant scent.

Use a base coat

If you want to keep your nail polish longer, you will still have to buy a good base coat. A base coat is very merely a layer of primer for your nails. Don’t you also use a primer when painting a wall to improve the adhesion of the colored lacquer? The Filling Base Coat immediately smoothes an uneven or rippled nail plate and is the perfect layer of ‘primer’ for your nails. But not only that, but this lacquer also ensures a sleek and shiny result. And who wouldn’t want that?  You can have the multichrome nail polish there.

Use a top coat

After you have painted your nails nicely, it is essential to paint a protective layer over them. If you want to ensure that your nail polish stays in place longer and looks beautiful, we recommend the top Coat. This polish protects against harmful external influences so that your nail polish will not chip. Not only the perfect protection layer, but our Top Coat also provides a brilliant shine.

For the Polishes

Entirely polished nails can be the finishing touch to your look. Nevertheless, chipped nails have the opposite effect and give you neglected air. If you get nail polish or varnish every time your nail polish breaks in a pinch, you’re not doing it right. To prevent your nail polish from cracking so quickly, paint your nails well and take good care of your manicure.

Consider getting your nails done by a professional. Professional manicurists have the necessary equipment to keep your nail polish as long as possible. To make sure your nail polish lasts a long time without having to chop, you can choose the gel, a type of highly resistant nail polish, which will give you a result comparable to acrylic nails.

If you insist on wearing your long nails, you can choose to have false acrylic nails, which will be attached to your natural nails.

  • Varnish your nails when they are dry. It has long been advisable to soak your nails before painting, as the water will prevent the paint from adhering correctly. Your varnish will be quickly erased for this.
  • Before you paint your nails, you should also make sure that they are not covered with cream, which prevents the nail polish from sticking correctly.
  • Use a good quality nail polish. High-end nail polish usually contains more pigments, less toxic chemicals, and has a better brush. That said, there is no need to spend 50 euros to get a suitable quality varnish. Make the best choice according to your budget.


To prevent your nail polish from cracking, do not use a “quick-drying” product. The “quick dry” formulas contain the same ingredients as the classic but in different proportions. This difference in the formula makes the varnish more prone to chipping.

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