Top Truck Maintenance Tips to Extend Its Life

The trucking industry is the soul of cross-country logistics in the U.S.A. In fact, the trucking industry is, in fact, responsible for transporting more than 70% of the country’s goods.

But, being a truck driver, you know how difficult it can be to take care of such a massive vehicle. Especially if you are carrying loads north of 80,000 pounds, maintaining your truck can be quite tedious. So, if you are moving such colossal amounts of freight across the country, overweight permits are not the only things you must check off your list.

Make sure you perform periodic maintenance, both in the absence and presence of professionals, to keep your truck running for actually as long as possible.

Here are some top tips you can leverage to take care of your truck and prevent it from breaking down on one of your delivery routes.

Top tips for maintaining your truck and extending its lifetime

Here are some among the top tips you can use to maintain your trucks, especially if they carry colossal amounts of freight and have overweight permits issued. Read on.

Engine maintenance

Maintaining your engine is vital to your truck not breaking down while on its delivery route. First, check for visible signs of engine distress. This includes emanation of smoke, reduction in oil pressure, reduced power, etc. If you notice any of these shortcomings, your engine is not operating at optimum capacity.

Hire a professional to get your engine checked and resolve all issues, no matter how minor. On top of that, also make sure they gauge and monitor the exhaust temperature, coolant levels, oil levels, boost pressures, etc.

Take care of your brakes 

Your brakes are the second most vital part of your truck. Since you will be traversing dangerous routes while crossing the country, it is vital to make sure your brakes are in good shape. Get a professional to check your brakes regularly and make it a habit to get it done every time your engine oil is changed.

Also, you must remember that your brake pads need to be replaced regularly. So, while getting your brakes checked, ask for the professional’s opinion and get the pads changed if needed.

Take care of electrical issues 

This might seem minor, but the new generation trucks are riddled with electricals and flashy gimmicks. If you notice any of your electricals misfunctioning, getting them fixed before you head out on your delivery route is advisable.

Maintain lubrication

Make sure that all moving parts in your truck are lubricated. This especially includes the drivetrain, engine, suspension, and steering.

Failure to keep these parts lubricated will cause a lot of wear and tear, and burn a deep hole in your wallet for repairs or replacement.

Stay on top of body problems

Since your truck is toiling day in and day out, many body issues might arise. Amongst these, body corrosion is the most commonly found issue in most trucks, forcing them to retire a lot sooner than expected.

Ensure you wash your truck regularly and replenish its paint coat once in a while to prevent corrosion from eating up your truck’s body.

Taking care of such a humongous vehicle might be a task. But, fret not. Make sure you leverage the above tips and tricks to make the most out of your heavy vehicle and extend its lifetime significantly. Have a great time trucking.

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