What Is The Best Water Filtering System

Water filtering has become a very important aspect of healthy living. We need water for survival, our body systems and cells need healthy water to thrive and continue to maintain our wellbeing. It is only appropriate that we take adequate measures in ensuring that the water we drink and use in our homes is healthy and free of any contaminants that may cause harm to our health.

When it comes to water consumption, we need to be confident about the status of the water. You should be able to declare proudly that the water you are drinking is lead-free, chlorine-free, contaminant-free and healthy. If not, you need to count on water filtering systems. Having a water filtering system in your home helps you to filter your water, allowing you to enjoy better smelling and better-tasting drinking water. You can use water filtering systems to remove contaminants such as lead, chlorine, pesticides, etc from your drinking water. This will prevent harmful substances, bacteria, and viruses from getting into your body system.

Water filtering systems are an economical way to have access to pure and healthy water. It saves you money on bottled water. With water filtering systems, do not only get to drink healthy water, but you also get to use healthy water for cooking, brushing your teeth, washing plates, and bathing.

There are several types of water filtering systems, but we will focus on the best to ensure that you are able to get the best result.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the best and most effective water filtering system that provides you with pure and healthy water. The reverse osmosis water system can remove 99% of contaminants from your water, thereby leaving you with great water that is good for your health.

In a reverse osmosis water filtering system, contaminated water is forced through a membrane under high pressure. While the contaminated water is passing through the system, it leaves the contaminants in it behind to deliver pure and healthy water for your household. Reverse osmosis filters remove all kinds of contaminants, including chlorine and dissolved solids. They are designed for people who are concerned about drinking the cleanest water.

However, a reverse osmosis water filtering system can be slow and it wastes a lot of water. It is advisable to use this system for drinking and cooking water only. Reverse osmosis filters are great for removing pollutants such as nitrate, salt or limescale.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a very common water filter in many households, it is most notably used in the USA berkey filter systems. Water filters with these systems are very effective and do not fail in providing you with pure and safe drinking water. The activated charcoal water filtering system makes use of activated charcoal (carbon) in granular form to trap contaminants through the process of absorption.

These filters have the ability to remove bad taste, bad odor, and contaminants from tap water. When water flows through the filters, the chemical contaminants are trapped on the carbon, which results in purer water output. Activated carbon water filters preserve minerals or Total Dissolved Solids in the water passed through them.

Ion Exchange

Ion exchange water filters are best for removing limescale in water. They are the best water filter system you can employ when looking to soften water in your home. They make hard water digestible by splitting and replacing contaminating ions with good ones.

Ion exchange filters replace the bad ions in your water with good ones that make it safe and healthy for drinking. They contain sodium ion zeolite beads that act as filters to attract and trap contaminants while replacing them with sodium Ion. What makes your water hard is the magnesium and calcium ions contaminants in it. Once your water is passed through the ion exchange water filter system, the zeolite beads attract magnesium and calcium ions and release sodium Ion in replacement. After this process, your water can now be free of limescale and become softer and better for drinking.

Conclusively, the benefits of water filtering systems cannot be overemphasized. By filtering contaminants out of your water, you can enjoy good health in your home. Identify the contaminant in your water and choose the best water filtering system for it.


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