4 Don’ts Of Using A Paper/Document Shredder Machine

Shredding papers is easy as long as you have the right equipment for it. Many organisations implement ways to protect confidential and sensitive data. Shredding is one of the ways to protect vital information and ensure compliance with the law. Thus many are considering investing in the right paper shredder in Singapore.

Finding an operating and paper shredding machine remains a role in most business organisations. Learning how to operate a shredder in a proper manner ensures better protection against theft and amplifies security purposes. Without further ado, here are some don’ts to avoid for a better paper shredding operation:

Don’t Let Your Shredder Overheat

One of the most basic maintenance of owning a paper or document shredder is to let it cool down when heating. Almost every shredder has its own cooling down period before using again. It is a must-to-abide. Otherwise, your shredding machine’s motor may break, rendering the shredder damaged and in need of repairs. Repairs can be costly. Hence operators should let their shredding machine cool down for a few minutes before using each shredding task.

Don’t Use Shredder Without Having Guidelines

Almost every workplace organisation should have must-follow guidelines for operating a paper shredder. Investing in a heavy duty shredder machine in Singapore can be costly, and knowing proper usage can extend its lifespan. The guidelines must be within or located near the device so employees can be aware of it to ensure the correct use of the machine. Doing this will prevent encountering problems or common issues, including overheating.

Don’t Go Over the Maximum Load Capacity

Each paper shredding machine has its maximum load capacity pertaining to the number of loaded papers it can shred at a time. These max load capacities may vary depending on the model or equipment variants. However, organisations highly prefer using a paper shredding machine with a higher page load capacity, which means higher productivity. Nevertheless, users should never abuse by exceeding the maximum load capacity the equipment can handle. If you are planning to buy an office shredder machine in Singapore, consider determining the machine’s load capacity.

Don’t Shred Other Specific Office Items

While shredding machines are for paper documents, some “types of” paper shredders can handle items such as stapled documents, cardboard, laminated documents, etc. Nevertheless, you should not shred other specific items unless the shredder indicates those items. Otherwise, you will risk damaging your device by forcing an item through the shredder. Better contact the manufacturer or check the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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