5 Types Of Catering You Should Know

Savouring the best catering service in Singapore is a one-of-a-kind experience. Clients embark on a beautiful culinary trip that they will never forget. Also, it complements almost all events like corporate parties, seminars, and even simple celebrations.

Are you curious about the different types of catering services? Read this article to learn more.


You probably have seen this at some point in your life. It is the most common because of how versatile it is. A caterer sets up a long table with different metal containers for food then guests are free to get whatever they like. Clients can also choose a mini catering option in Singapore if their party is intimate.


No, this type of catering is not only for the high society. Nowadays, you would see everyone enjoying high tea catering in Singapore. This type of service is best during the afternoons. You get an entire spread of sumptuous desserts, fresh bread, and refreshing tea served in fine china.


Ordering a bento set in Singapore is popular in the corporate setting. It works best for seminars and other company events where guests are on-the-go. They need something that caters to their fast-paced corporate life.


A food truck is a more casual version of an exquisite buffet table. The selection is usually fast food products and drinks that cater to almost everyone. You can see this at parties and corporate events (sometimes an additional section).


Party trays are a form of mini catering in Singapore, and the usual customers are small-scale events. An average tray – made of durable aluminium foil – can feed around eight or more people. Clients can also reheat them without difficulties.

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