Learning About Social Inequality And Other Issues: 5 Positive Outcomes

One mind-boggling fact about Singapore is the lack of an official poverty line that defines what it is to be living in that social demographic. Sure, you might be okay with not knowing these things because they do not affect you, but widening your horizon goes a long way. Here are the positive outcomes of this so-called journey to awareness:


Age is just a number, but maturity is not. What we mean by this is you should never define it in terms of how old you are or the age of the person you are talking to because it depends on how much you know. For instance, a university student whose expertise is food security in Singapore might be more mature than an adult who does not care about these issues. No worries because it is not too late to learn what happens in society.


Have you ever come across someone struggling to make ends meet, or a person not knowing how to live because they do not have sufficient income for their basic necessities? Once you have learned about social inequality in Singapore or issues that limit people’s living needs, you can develop sensitivity or know how they feel about their struggles. Aside from that, you become responsible for your actions and words because interacting with the marginalised is a skill.


It is not just about learning the correlation between poverty and the lack of education opportunities or how social issues also affect the health & well-being of people. Being conscious of your surroundings or having responsibility for your actions is another positive outcome of exploring social issues. For instance, you no longer throw away food because of the realisation that people in the streets gather scraps to fill their empty bellies. You probably cannot see yourself experiencing something like that.


Not everyone is keen on joining volunteer opportunities and other initiatives to combat social issues in their respective countries. However, it does not mean the fight ends there because this journey to awareness ignites the fire within you or the driving force to help others and raise them from the ashes. Also, it puts you on the ground and makes you realise that these things are not about yourself.


Since we are talking about volunteer opportunities and other charitable efforts, the exciting outcome is meeting friends who want to fight for a cause. Are you keen on building awareness of food security in Singapore? Many people seek to do the same, and you will meet them and make lasting relationships. It takes a community to make an impact, and remember that!

If you are someone who wants to find a purpose or know more about social and other inequality issues, visit The Best Of You, and check their website for charitable efforts and initiatives that might suit your advocacies in life.

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