6 Mistakes to avoid when hiring Vehicle Transporting Companies

Are you moving house for the first time? You must be excited, stressed and confused at the same time, probably asking for help and advice from your family and closest friends. 

Even if you pulled off the entire packing process with someone’s help, you have to request professional help when it comes to transport, not only of your belongings, but also of your car.

Did you forget about your vehicle? Auto-transport may be the last thing on people’s minds, but it’s certainly not the least significant one. If you’re flying to your new home due to the huge kilometer distance, there’s no other way than hiring a vehicle transporting company to transport your auto to the new address. It’s the most convenient option, which relieves you from the stress and worries of spending so much time on the road. 

However, the high number of auto-transporters in your local area and generally on the auto transport market, isn’t a sign that all of them offer reliable services. You should go through a careful process of selecting the company which matches your needs. 

People commonly make mistakes in their choice, due to their inexperience in this field. Therefore, the following most common mistakes, will teach you about the things you should avoid when hiring an auto-transporter. 

Not doing enough research

Leaving the hiring of an auto-carrier as a last minute decision is very likely to result in a bad choice. You should plan things in advance, as finding the right transporting company isn’t a piece of cake as you think.

Ask your friends, family or colleagues for referrals, but don’t select the first name they mention. The recommended transporters might’ve been good for their requirements, but it doesn’t mean that they’ll be satisfying for yours. If you decide to take their advice, at least listen to the advice of people who used the same services you need. 

Moreover, we know that you don’t have time to spend on looking for transporters on the internet, but it’s important to spare some and read the testimonials of previous clients. They’ll give you great insight to each carrier and help you in making the best decision. Visit this link, to fully understand the importance of hiring the right auto- transporting firm.

Paying deposit or full price upon placing the order

Requesting a deposit isn’t an unusual thing, but if the auto-carrier requests it when you place the order, something is wrong. You should pay a deposit, only when you’ve arranged all the details regarding the shipment and most importantly the estimated delivery time. 

Make sure, you’re provided with a written and signed document which states the approximate time of delivery as well as the amount of deposit you’ve made. The deposit should be refundable in case your vehicle doesn’t reach the destination. 

In addition, avoid transporters which require full payment before you have your car delivered. They are after taking your money and leaving the car at the parking lot where you dropped it off. Always pay the whole amount upon arrival of your vehicle. It’s okay to make a deposit, but a full payment never!

Not checking the insurance policy

Nowadays, almost all firms provide insurance coverage in a case of potential damage. Therefore, immediately eliminate those which don’t provide it as part of their offer. 

Nevertheless, offering an insurance policy is something which you aren’t supposed to take for granted. Never believe the word of carriers until you verify that what they’re saying is completely true. Ask to see the policy and read all the terms and conditions with great attention. Check the amount of coverage and see what happens in a case of a scratch or a far more serious damage. 

You have to know every detail if you don’t want to end up surprised in case of car damage. 

Don’t settle for the cheapest offer

Never go for the cheapest quote you get. It’s normal to have a difference in prices between competitors, but if the price stands out as far lower than the other firms, you’re dealing with an unreliable carrier.

Those transporters which charge way less than the others, prolong the process of delivery for months or don’t even deliver your vehicle at all. Imagine yourself in a situation of waiting for your car to arrive months after you’ve moved in. It doesn’t look good, does it? 

Pay the average price to get a reliable and punctual service. Visit the following link: https://www.angieslist.com/articles/how-much-does-it-cost-ship-car.htm, to check the average cost of shipping a car and the factors which determine it. 

Not emptying your vehicle

One of the basic steps in preparing your car for auto-transport is removing everything from it, including the glove compartments, the trunk, the space between the seats etc. It’s a task which won’t take up a lot of your time, but it’ll prevent future headaches in case some items of your vehicle go missing.

Insurance usually doesn’t cover for lost items as one of the rules stated by the carrier firms is to empty your automobile. Also, the more items you leave in the car, the heavier it is and consequently the higher price you’ll pay.

Not taking pictures of your car prior to shipment

Another common mistake people make is not taking picture of both the exterior and interior of their auto. These pictures present a proof of the condition in which you hand your auto for transport. In case of a potential damage, the carrier may claim that it was damaged prior to shipping, but you’ll have the photos to prove otherwise.

Wrap up

We hope that these common mistakes made you realize which factors to take into consideration when hiring a car moving company. 

Remember to do the necessary research, pay the deposit upon arranging delivery and check the terms of the insurance policy. 

Don’t forget to empty your auto and take pictures for precaution. 

Don’t hire the carrier until you’re certain of its reliability!

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