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Take delight in introducing a smart app that will take care and impart all what is necessary to keep your most valuable and trusted smartphone in great shape. AppLock – Lock Apps will partner your smartphone giving all the attention, care, protection to keep it working efficiently and safely. List below are the app’s main functions that has amazed most professionals in the security sector, the world over. A very valid reason for choosing this smart app. Offers a multiple selection of the smartest locking options. With the pattern lock mode, lock, using some incredible pattern designs or with the fingerprint of the user or with a PIN number. Anyone of these will provide the most fool proof locking. With the selfie capture security feature, anyone trying to access the smartphone by force, will be auto photographed discreetly by the app. Deceive the sharpest of the thieves by using a fake icon instead of the app’s icon, like the calculator or camera icons. Protect data with the app’s malware protection.

About AppLock Apk

A curse faced by many smartphone users are intentional harm to its data for reasons known best to such initiators. Commercial competition, personal jealousy or animosity are some of the factors. The app will protect these happenings. AppLock will systematically monitor all of the smartphone’s functions. Retaining battery power, without allowing unnecessary battery drain is the prime objective here.

Many apps after downloading files remain unnecessarily. Why keep these? With due notice and approval App Lock will remove all such apps. Same way files, folders, pictures and notes redundant will be cleared. Any leaking apps detected will be fixed. All of these actions will reduce battery drain and help prolong battery life to the max. App Lock’s Battery Saving Feature will take care of this. In life, if junk also refered to as garbage, is not cleared, we all know the hassle we got to face. Additional space will have to be found to store accumulating garbage.

And storage space is dear, been limited. Same principle applies to a smartphone. Many files refered to as residual files, created automatically, when apps are installed, will remain without a purpose. Many temporary files are found in the cache. So are apps that will remain after installation of AD files. Videos not in use, obsolete audios, and pictures not viewed. All of these are refered to as junk in a smartphone. This junk will eat up valuable storage.

AppLock storage saving function will do all what is necessary to clean up the junk regularly, to make certain storage space is taken up by only the essential contents. Thus, max storage space will be retained. Cleaning will take place only with the user’s approval.

There are many other Android tools that offer AppLock feature with Junk cleaning, Battery saver, CPU Cooler, Performance booster, Gallery cleaner and more. Clean Master, NOX Cleaner and AVG Cleaner are some of those free tools available on Play Store.

This amazing care giver and security smart App, the AppLock – Lock Apps, will guarantee all its users, that it will perform all of the functions as mentioned, without blemish. Go ahead protect and secure your inseparable smartphone in the best manner. It deserves nothing but the best, AppLock best security in the world.

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