Awesome Preschool Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to preschool, some people take it for granted, forgetting that the foundation matters a lot. If it is gotten wrong at this time, it could affect the rest of the building. This is one reason we have come up with brilliant ideas that preschool fundraisers can use. There are a lot of projects that can be done for preschoolers to ensure that they grow well in every aspect of their lives, but a major thing that stops this from coming to fruition is funding. Try out the following ideas as preschool fundraisers, and there is a great chance that the results that you will have access to may amaze you.   Be sure to visit Fundraising Zone for more fundraising ideas.

Bulb & Seed Fundraising Catalog

Preschoolers are in love with the outdoors; the same thing can be said for adults. These days, there are a lot of entertainment options indoors to the extent that a lot of people won’t mind coming out of them and into the outdoors to enjoy the peace that mother nature avails them.

When the springtime comes, the thoughts of a lot of people dwell on the urge to embrace the outdoors. You can use this urge to your advantage to raise money for your school project.

You can appeal to anyone be it, homeowners or renters, to get involved in your school project by buying tree rings, flower mats, and even butterfly & hummingbird saddlebags to put on their deck or porch or deck. Using this as a part of the preschool, fundraisers will leave you smiling to the bank. Why is so? You are killing a lot of birds with a stone. You are giving them an opportunity to donate for a charity cause, and still giving them a lot of things in return. They can be proud to say that they were a part of the success of a school project. Apart from that, you are giving them objects that can be used in decorating their home. As long for solely donations without giving anything in return doesn’t earn as much result as giving something in return for a donation.

Cell phone Recycling

This is an awesome idea as part of a team of preschool fundraisers. When it comes to technology, a lot of people are embracing it in droves. They always want to be in vogue, buying new phones, and dumping the old ones in their drawers. You can appeal to their sense of humanity by asking them to start the phones for a cause, and you can either recycle them for money or sell them on eBay or Craigslist.

School Sports Fundraising Catalog

This would do the trick well if it was done in a mile school or high school, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be done in a preschool.

What you can do is to alter it to fit a preschool. Usually, people see school sports team fundraising in high school and middle schools, and won’t expect it in preschool. This is one reason why this will be successful.

Since they don’t expect it, it could make them a lot more interested in the fundraising, wondering what sports preschoolers will be good at.

A great way to get this done is to pit the major sports against themselves. Some people love soccer.

Some love basketball; others love tennis. Preschoolers won’t be able to play those, but the aim is to get their patents adrenaline up for them to support the sports of their choice. As compensation, you can crown the sport that wins the official sport of the school in that year. You can turn it into a yearly event, raising money for a particular cause but riding on the back of the love for sports to do it. What are you waiting for?

To make it more transparent, you can decide to use a fundraising company to do it. This allows people to know for sure how much was raised. Out of the money raised, you can give a portion to a local sports team to sponsor them.

This will urge them to donate more because they realize that not only do their favorite sport become the sports of the school for a year, but they are also helping a local team reach their dreams. This will evoke a feeling of pride.

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