Basketball Dribbling Tricks You Need To Know!

With more games, you’ll learn more. But let’s not leave that to experience. You can improve as a basketball player by watching other players and knowing some basic tips. Dribbling is an essential skill when it comes to basketball. These simple yet powerful basketball dribbling tips (ทักษะ การ เลี้ยง ลูก บาสเกตบอล, which is the term in Thai) will elevate your gameplay for sure.

· Don’t Use Your Palm To Dribble:

Instead of using your palm, use your fingers to control the basketball. Practice dribbling with both hands. It’s a great idea to work on the comfort of dribbling from each one. It would help if you used your forearm and wrist to bounce the ball. This gives you better ball control and makes it easier to dribble.

· Knees Should Be Bent:

Maintaining a good posture throughout the game might feel challenging, but with more practice, you’ll feel it is easier to have a good posture. It will prevent injuries, among other things. Keep your body low with your knees bent. Instead of keeping your body weight on your heels, practice keeping your body weight on the balls of your feet. When you look down, your kneecaps shouldn’t be covering your toes. To enhance your mobility in all directions, keep your knees squared.

· Posture Matters:

Every time we talk about posture, it does not mean standing straight with an erect spine; it simply implies that your posture should support your movements. In basketball, you should keep your body a certain way. Keeping your knees squared and bent and keeping your back straight is essential. Don’t hunch your back, as it will lead to back pain. It also keeps your center of gravity low.

· Keep The Dribbling Below Your Knees Or Waist:

To keep the ball away from the opponents, dribble it below your waist or knee level. First, learn to keep it below your waist, then your knee, and then practice dribbling along with walking and running.


These four essential tips are straightforward. You should start practicing these and include more dynamic ways to dribble as you progress. Learn from your own mistakes; it’s great to monitor your posture and how you dribble. Dribbling is an essential skill of this sport; with these simple tips, you can enhance your skills. Start with one practice, work on one particular skill set at a time and then level up your practice sessions.

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