Buying CBD – A Guide to Help You Select the Best and Healthy CBD Products


The U.S. Farm Bill of 2018 has brought large number of CBD manufacturers and retailers. All of them claim to be the best brand in terms of supplying premium quality of CBD products. As a result of this, consumers are confused and find it difficult to determine the right CBD product for them.

Understanding the origin, the classification of different spectrum of CBD and its sources

CBD is found in both hemp plant and marijuana plant in different volumes. As per federal law, the hemp derived CBD has medicinal values and legally should contain less than 0.30% THC. The marijuana derived CBD has psychoactive and intoxicating effects due to the high content of THC compound. The marijuana derived CBD is illegal to sell and use.

The hemp plant has the ability to absorb all the contents present in soil. It should be cultivated locally without the use any pesticides, insecticides and any other chemicals. These chemicals may contaminate the full spectrum CBD oil for sale in retail stores. The Just CBD Store, headquartered in Florida, cultivate hemp plant organically for the premium CBD products since 2017. The CBD store offers many quality products. You could check them out by visiting their website.

Full spectrum CBD contains high volume of CBD, traces of THC (less than legal limit of 0.30% has no intoxicating effects) and other essential cannabinoids. It also contains proteins, fats and vitamins. Full spectrum CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system. Full spectrum CBD has an enhanced entourage effect which increases its unique health benefits.

Broad spectrum CBD can be considered as a THC-free full spectrum CBD, and it does not have such entourage effect. CBD isolates are the pure form of CBD only, without the content any other cannabinoids and essential compounds found in the hemp plant. CBD, extracted using CO2 method, is free from all impurities that may be have harmful health effects.

You can go for any spectrum of CBD products depending upon your body requirement and capability. You can also select among different types of CBD products like gummies, oil, tinctures and capsules based on your comfortability of ingesting.

How to select your quality brand and CBD product? Benefits of CBD products

You should check the retailer’s CBD trade license, and ask for the lab reports and a third-party test COA reports. You should avoid buying CBD from a manufacturer/retailer who hesitates to provide lab test reports, COA and has improper product labeling method. You can match these reports with product label for ensuring actual contents and extraction methods of CBD product.

Sometimes, “CBD hemp seed oil” will be marked on product label. You should not buy such products as it is hemp seed oil which can be used for cooking and skincare treatments. They are extracted from hemp seed and have only traces of CBD. Also check for any flavor additives as it may have harmful health effects. Preferably, you should buy CBD products from a local supplier.

CBD acts as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antipsychotic, antidepressant, analgesic and more. It is also helpful for the treatment of sleep disorder, immunity failure and memory disorders.

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