Clean Neon Light Signs Last Longer

Whether you own a business and are trying to leverage more customer exposure or want to upgrade your man cave digs, neon light signs improve the profile of any space. That’s why so many businesses and everyday people invest in this type of signage.

Neon certainly holds its own in terms of catching the human eye day or night. They also do an excellent job of capturing the imagination. Whether your sign says Boutique, Pizzeria, Man Cave or the name of a major city, your preferred message can be projected at significant distances 24 hours per day. The same cannot be said of many painted signs.

But successful promotion requires a little knowledge about how to get the best bang for your buck. The longevity of your investment requires routine upkeep. These are ways to maintain neon light signs, so they garner attention and last longer.

Dust Up on Your Dusting Skills

It’s not uncommon for business owners to ignore dust build-up on their neon signs. In many ways, these customer-attracting products seem to keep doing their job while you do yours. They’re like a perfect employee in that regard.

But dust build-up impedes the clarity of the lighted signs. And while the signs look bright enough to owners and staff members just a few feet away, it suffers diminished clarity at distances. The point of this type of advertising is not to glow for the people already at the business. Neon signs are designed to increase customer traffic.

Take the time to gently brush away debris with a feather duster when the sign is off and cool. You can also use a soft piece of cloth to gently wipe away dust as long as the sign is off and cool. It may last longer and bring in new business.

Clean Stained Neon Light Signs

Depending on the personal or business use, some signs come into contact with materials and liquids that can tarnish their luster. In terms of a professional presentation that pops, this scenario is considered unacceptable. Fortunately, stained neon products are relatively simple to clean.

Turn off the sign and let it cool. Then, dampen a soft cloth with water for simple and modestly tough stains. Gently wipe them away. For stains that tend to adhere more stringently, consider using a cleaning product approved for your unique model. Stains and caked materials can create unnecessary heat spikes in specific areas that may reduce the longevity of your sign. They certainly reduce its visual appeal.

If you have a sign that has not received care and maintenance in a while, this might be a good time to take a long look at your light-up calling card. Today’s a good day to help your investment help you.

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