Detox Shampoos for A Hair Follicle Drug Test At Work

In the USA, at least eight in ten employees have to pass a drug screening before hiring, while in some industries, the tests happen even after they become employees. 

Even though urinalysis is still the most common choice among employers and the federal government, the popularity of hair drug tests increased in the last decade.

This particular testing method is an efficient choice because it is most challenging to pass and cheat along the way. At the same time, it is commonly used at casinos, airports and other high-security positions. 

Remember that this particular drug test has the longest detection window, which means that it may check the presence of drugs that you consumed in the last three months, and in some cases even longer.

It is highly challenging to beat it, and similarly, as with other testing methods, you should abstain for a long time before you can get clean.

Since most tests happen a week or a few days after notice, most people tend to panic and think about what they should do to pass the test and maintain the position. You will be able to cleanse your strands out of THC without waiting a few months for natural detox.

What Is Hair Analysis?


Even though most companies are still conducting a urine drug test as the best choice possible, the disadvantage is that it can detect only recent drug consumption. On the other hand, THC will remain in your follicles for much more extended period.

It is vital to understand that human hair will save the history of everything you consume until you decide to cut it off. 

This particular history will become part of both head and body strands, which means that if you are entirely bold, technicians will take samples from other parts of your body.

The technician from a certified lab will take sample, approximately 1.5 inches, with an idea to detect the presence of drugs that you consumed in the last three months. They will take samples from your head, without affecting your hairstyle and creating a hole. 

Of course, if you are bold, they will take samples from other parts of your body, and even pubic strands can be used as well.

How Does THC Enter Your Hair?

When you consume weed, THC will enter your bloodstream, which will turn on the various metabolic processes with an idea to break down an active compound into byproducts that will go from blood to other parts of your body such as urine and hair follicle among other places.

Since the metabolites will end up scattered throughout your body, they will find their way to your follicles through the bloodstream, since follicles require blood vessels for normal functioning.

We have mentioned that byproducts will enter inside the shaft, and we are not talking about active THC compound, but THC-COOH. 

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The body will break the active substance within your blood in a matter of hours; still the molecules will find their way in soft tissue that surrounds your root.

Some of these compounds will attach to the cortex or the strand itself, and in the next, five to ten days, newly grown one will pop up with traces of cannabis inside.

How Long Does THC Stay in Hair?

When it comes to testing, employers will use follicle analysis to check the patterns of drug abuse, especially since the it will keep up everything that you consumed. 

Even though we cannot state the final period on how long it will linger in your body, according to studies, THC will remain in your body between one week and three months based on frequency of consumption.

If you have consumed weed one time a few days before the test, you can rest assured, because it will require at least five days until the traces of cannabis enter your hair. Therefore, you will be able to pass unless you consumed it beforehand.

Another advantage is that short-term users and people that smoke occasionally may not test positive because hair analysis is made explicitly for handling long-term abusers and they detect the patterns as well.

Therefore, employers conduct them to see whether the applicant has history of drug usage. However, even if you are an occasional user, the tests can be positive, and you may fail it. 

Typically, they will take enough hair to check the presence of drugs you consumed in the last three months, but in theory, hair drug tests can detect drug usage for years.

Check here and you will learn everything about hair analysis in general. 

Easiest Ways To Pass Hair Drug Test

THC will linger inside the outer cortex of the hair shaft, which means that you will be able to cleanse it. However, the process does not include consuming things that will flush the traces out, which means that supplementation is obsolete.

Therefore, you need to find ways to open up the cuticle, so that you can cleanse the molecules and wash them away. In most cases, you can discover detoxification shampoos such as Aloe Rid old formula, which will penetrate the cuticle and hair shaft with the ability to cleanse everything.

Remember that this particular method will not affect the beauty and structure of your hair, and it will not cause damages as other methods that will create havoc on your head.

It is vital to stop consuming weed to avoid getting THC within your bloodstream because then you will affect the hair shaft, and cleansing will not be successful. You should find a cleansing shampoo and start with the regiment.

According to people that succeed in it, you should wash your hair between ten and fifteen times by following specific instructions noted on the label of a shampoo. 

The worst thing that you can do is to shave entirely because that will cause suspicion among employers and lab technicians, which means that you may fail or repeat the test afterwards. 

If you shave your head, they will take samples from other parts of your body. If you cut entirely, you will fail, or they will conduct another testing method. In both cases, it will not help you with a cause.



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