Energy: Prospects and Challenges within the Arab World


The Arab region or possibly the center East world is extremely wealthy in coal and oil sources which meet 96% in the total energy demand, since the renewable energy sources focus on only a meagre 4%. This affluence of oil reserves pose an excellent challenge to develop renewable energy sources in the area, but nonetheless constant strenuous attempts are increasingly being taken using the governments of Middle East region in developing renewable energy sources.

Attempts are increasingly being showed up at raise producing renewable energy sources to satisfy 6% within the overall demand by 2020 in the area, where electricity consumption is booming continuously for just about any price of sevenPercent each year, because of economic development and growth and so meeting the demand with clean type of energy is more and more tougher.

The area has in addition packed with solar radiation and wind speed to build up the right renewable type of energy through commercial power plants. Desertec Industrial Initiative 2013 reported that within the Arab region, a transition having a renewable based power technique is economically more achievable and even more attractive in comparison with other regions all over the world.

The area strives difficult to transform its wind turbine in a sustainable one by shifting gears to alternative energy for that convention non-renewable fuels found abundant in the area underneath the guidance of Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Efficiency (RCREEE), in alliance while using the League of Arab states and Worldwide Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), along with the former includes 22 states within the center East region.


RCREEE features its strategy and strategy towards its sustainable energy policy or possibly the entire year of 2030 by which different member states set their targets of the Morocco’s clean power target of 40% installed capacity leads the table adopted by Algeria, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and so forth, these acquiring the targets exceeding 20% clean power by 2020.

These aforementioned targets are general renewable energy targets and do not include technology specific targets, that’s including solar and wind wind turbine, of the solar energy includes both Concentrated Solar Energy (CSP) and Pv (PV) power. These technology based renewable energy development is considered the most emphasis of other energy generation within the Arab nations.

Each Arab nation incorporated within this initiative has transported out several measures like creating dedicated government physiques or departments in their Secretary of condition for Energy to think about proper proper care of Renewable Energy Technology (RET) and formulating policies that encourage private sector purchase of Renewable Energy production. Investments are encouraged through public funds too.

Pointed out that, renewable energy production isn’t with no challenges. There are many measures that hinder the achievement within the pointed out targets which can be tackled getting some pot effort within the different nations with worldwide assistance. The Arab nations develop are constructing renewable energy plants of capacity 6.4 GW, excluding hydro power plants, this is a significant proportions of production, the finest contributors being solar and wind power power plants aggregating 4.5 GW and 1.8 GW correspondingly.

That pointed out, the achievement of people targets aren’t with no challenges because the institutional set ups in every single member condition differ in their structure and satisfaction additionally for their link to one another is very essential for that conclusion within the aggregate targets in the area.

Listed here are the happy couple of challenges that should be resolved within the realization of other energy targets.


Political will: As as with other plan, political will forms the fulcrum within the realization of people targets with streamlined policies along with a concrete administrative structure that may effectively oversee the functions. Mobilisation of funds may be another hindrance while using the oil prices being irregular- which forms the primary method of getting earnings in the area, the economies have to be balanced to discover another for what’s the primary source for diet.

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