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Bandung is the capital of the Sundanese, the central culture of the provinces of West Java and Banten. In this ethnic hemisphere, only Jakarta is excluded. The Sundanese have their own cultural legacy and language, which are truly unique and could be experienced in no place better than Bandung.

Predominantly, Sundanese Men and Women think in Monotheism as a type of organized religion, in this case, Islam. Throughout pre-Islamic interval, dynamism and animism were two sets of beliefs that Sundanese practiced. Hence, these old belief systems combined with Hinduism still play a huge part in some areas of West Java, i.e., Kampung Naga community and Baduy tribe. Though Sundanese is predominantly spiritual, they are also inclined to be very open-minded and welcoming to foreigners and their customs.

A distinct facet of Sundanese civilization is its food. All of West Java and Bandung mainly, are a paradise for food lovers. Sundanese food distinguishes itself to the full range of cooked dishes, such as name timbel (rice steamed in banana leaf) and little packages called pepes (steamed fish, poultry or tofu in banana foliage). Additionally, Sundanese foods tend to be accompanied by raw vegetable salad, together with hot sauces.

Several specialties may be located only in the town and are hugely popular with local tourists. Cases are Strabo (salty or sweet filled little baked pancakes), cendol (a beverage with jelly and sweetened with coconut milk and palm sugar), colenak (roasted cassava root, again with either sweet or salty topping) Bangor (baso tahu goreng, fried chunks of fish along with tahu consumed at a soup or dry using peanut sauce).

When walking around in Bandung, it is difficult to not think about food. It is virtually everywhere, from small street stalls into big family restaurants; you won’t ever be over 10 meters away out of meals. There is simply too much on offer to explain. The only way would be to get out there and try em one.

Sundanese prefers to party. Rites of passage such As circumcision and weddings are celebrated in large feasts, with entire neighborhoods showing up and joining in the fun and specially-prepared food. Marriage is conducted in extravagant celebratory feasts, with the bride and groom dressing up in fancy Sundanese costumes, which is changed no less than 5 occasions. Often a saucy Dangdut (loud percussion-fueled music accompanied by insignificant lyrics and erotic dancing) functionality is hired that will make for a bombastic series during the entire day.

Henceforth producing vast extended families from great grandfathers to newborn toddlers. In urban settings like Bandung, families reside in modern housing flats or apartments, but in the rural setting, they mostly live at  Rumah Panggung which is a house built from wood which you can transfer altogether once you move out.

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