Everything that You Should Know about a French Bull Dog

The French bulldog, also known as Frenchie, won over legions of fans for its crumpled face. This breed is very loyal to its owners and, therefore, is an excellent company for those who live alone or live with small children at home.

The French bulldog is affectionate, loves to play, and needs few physical exercises and care. It may be a little stubborn at first and demand a firm pulse at the time of training, but with the right dose of patience to understand the routine of the house, it’s going to award you with a great pet experience! For example, if you gift him some pieces of French bulldog hoodies, his love for you will simply be doubled!!

French Bull Dogs at A Glance

  • Origin – England

  • Weight – 9-13 kg

  • Height – 30-35 cm

  • Life expectancy – 12-14 years


The French bulldog appeared in England, in the 19th century, as a descendant of the English bulldog, a breed prevalent in the country at that time. With the Industrial Revolution, Nottingham artisans, specialists in sewing lace, were replaced by machines and ended up moving to France.

These professionals had smaller bulldogs at home – the descendants of English bulldogs and pugs! The French bulldog soon became very popular in French society.

At the time when French bulldogs became popular in France, they were divided into two main types. The first of them had ears similar to those of the English bulldog, and the other had the famous “bat ears,” now recognized as one of the most striking characteristics of the breed. The second group is the Frenchies we know today.

Breed colors

The primary color of the French bulldog’s coat is fawn (a shade close to caramel, which varies from reddish to darker, close to coffee with milk). Despite this, there are several other color variations for the breed. Some of them are the fawn with spots (also called brindle); white with spots or brindle; black with spots or brindle; or black.


The French bulldog’s original nature is that of a companion dog. They were created to be good companions, and that influences their mood today. That’s why the breed requires a lot of attention, interactions, and contact with its owner. They are very dependent and, if they don’t receive the necessary dedication, they can develop disorders such as separation anxiety.

The French bulldog is smart, but he can be a bit stubborn. He requires patience during training. They love to please their owners. For this reason, as soon as they learn that they must act in a certain way or discover a new trick, they will repeat it to cheer their owners. The breed also prefers slower rhythms for not having so much energy.

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