Funny Life Lessons that Rummy Teaches You

Life is a good teacher. It has its share of ups and downs and helps us learn how to cope up with those at every turn. But have you ever wondered how a simple rummy card game can also teach us some of the humorous, or rather, impactful lessons of life? In this post, we have discussed some of the wise, useful, and funny lessons a game of rummy teaches about life.

  1. You Can Bluff Smartly

Did you ever have anyone bluff you before? How does it make you feel? Sometimes tricks can be really mean or funny. Similarly, in online rummy, you can pull a joke on your opponent in making them believe that you do not need a certain card, but you actually need it. You will throw a card and wait for the rival to discard a related card, which is the one you need.

Here is an example – you have 7, 8 and 10 of Heart, so you discard 7 of Heart, prompting the rival to discard 9 of Heart, which you require to form a pure sequence – 8, 9, and 10 of Heart. Yes, like life, rummy too can be ruthless and amusing.

  1. Mistakes May Happen

Sometimes you may discard a card by mistake. Just like how in daily life, you may utter a truth in midst of a gossip, what a terrible mistake! Though such hilarious follies are possible, when it comes to rummy, you must do your best to never break your pure sequence even by slightest chance. A natural run is a must for a win.

So, when you receive original hand in playing card games, start rearranging them into an order. Specifically, keep related cards together, such as those of the same consecutive order and suit. You can stack unrelated cards at another side. Similarly, stack Joker cards at an extreme end as well.

  1. Get Over the Blunders

Like discussed above, yes blunders do happen, but when you play rummy online, you need to rework on your strategies on time and get over past mistakes. Did you discard a card you really needed? Do not worry, discard the other related card with a new card, and look for other possibilities of making sequences or sets. Similarly, in life too, to get over blunders you need to think newly and find solutions.

  1. Change Your Hand

The opponents will be surely mind boggled if they find you picking random cards from the open pile. But sometimes that is necessary to confuse rivals, and it is best done when you wish to change your hand. However, do not explore this trick much when you play rummy online for cash, because it is highly competitive and you cannot spend more time experimenting with moves. However, you can do so in practice games, and if you get better at this trick, can even use it in competitive games.

In life as well, sometimes you need to make drastic changes to your routine and daily life to bring some positive changes. Sudden changes may surprise others, but you alone understand why you are taking such decision. But when taking such decisions, you need to weigh the pros and cons, just like in a game of rummy.

  1. Be Persistent to Annoy Rivals

The fun in playing a free rummy game is that you do not have much at stake, allowing you to explore endless possibilities and combination of tricks, giving difficult time to opponents. But since it is a free game, you can do so, and have a great entertainment. Perhaps trick the rival repeatedly into giving a card you need, or simply change the hand to baffle other players on the table.

Even in real life, you may love to play pranks on others, just like when you play rummy with virtual players. Being persistent often helps in achieving your goal, be it a prank, or on a serious note, a much-needed victory in a competition.

  1. Never Drop a Game

Have a go-getter attitude when you play rummy online real money, and never give up on a game. As cash tourneys are highly competitive, it is likely that challenges and stakes are higher as well. Dropping a game mid-way will only cost you a penalty. Rather you can stay in the game and turn it in your favour with favourable cards down the line. In life too, you need to adapt a never-giving-up attitude so that you can face each and every hurdle boldly without losing hope.

To Conclude            

A game of rummy and life has many similarities. Rummy teaches you several life lessons, be it hilarious, sombre, or light-hearted ones. You can learn a lot from the game and keep your confidence boosted for the future, be it on a gaming platform or real life.

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