Handy Shares Items You May Own That Could Make You Rich


It is not only a lucky day at a casino or a lucky lottery ticket that can make you rich instantly. The online world of today is a witness to the demands for some very weird things that might appear junk to you. However, vintage stuff or anything that could be lying in your attic for years can fetch you a good price if it fancies the collectors. Handy shares a list of some items that you may own but are not aware that it could make you rich.

The Items

  1. Old toys– Were you the child who would always treat your toys like a fragile treasure? If they are old enough and belong to the past generation, you are in for some good deal. There are many collectors out there who would give a lucrative offer for anything that is a reminder of their childhood days. Items related to a TV show back in the days or action figures they were crazy about could be of real value now. If you still have the boxes it came in, the prices could go up to several times more.
  1. Signed copies of things– It could be possible that your father or grandfather was a fan of a celebrity back in their time and happen to possess a signed-feature related to them. It could be a movie poster featuring a certain star and duly signed by them or a sportsperson who had gifted a signed-ball or racket or even a famous author whose signed-copy of a book is with you. These things are really valuable stuff and the prices would vary depending on their fan following and their popularity
  1. Coins and currency– Coins prevalent in older times were made of brass, copper, or even silver which are not in circulation. In Middle East Asia and in India, gold coins were in circulation back in the days when kings ruled those countries. Those are priceless things that are a lot more worth than their actual. If any of it has been passed down to you by your ancestors, they are definitely worth a fortune.
  1. Collectible items– Other than coins, there are various collectibles that the collectors show a keen interest in. They could be stamps from days gone by, buttons that were used in olden days, any kind of badges that are now rare, or a lot of different trinkets. If you happen to possess any of these, they could be worth some serious cash. Also, any military equipment or helmets that were used in the world-wars could fetch you a decent amount.
  1. Vintage items- Is there an electronic gadget in your attic that served the older generation? An old video game, an old kitchen appliance, trading cards, sports items, games, or children’s cartoons that date several years back? If so, you are in some luck. Collectors could shell out a good amount for those vintage items that you consider useless. Toys, old skating boards, childhood bicycle: you never know what could interest a collector.


Before tossing what appears to be junk to you, you should check online to know its value and worth. Handy believes that keeping yourself alert could help you discover a few things in your house that could make you rich.

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