How to Maintain the Gorgeous Look of Your Pearls?

Quality pearls can be durable, but taking proper care is necessary to retain their beautiful and lustrous look.

Here are few important tips to take good care of your pearl jewelry.

  1. Since pearls are formed in water, it can benefit immensely by absorbing the oils from your skin that is naturally secreted throughout the day.
  2. To remove sweat, excess dirt, oils or perfume, gently wipe pearls using soft cloth. Before you put them away.
  3. Store away Pearls from other jewelry or objects that may scratch their surface. Try to wrap pearls in soft cloth, linen, or place in soft pouch.
  4. Avoid storing pearls in airtight package e.g. plastic bag as pearls need moisture.  In case the environment is very dry, then pearls may crack.

If you are placing the pearls in a hot environment or safety deposit box, leave damp cloth nearby. Don’t leave the pearls for long in such environment.

  1. Avoid keeping pearls near hydrogen peroxide, chlorine bleach, vinegar, ammonia, perfume, hairspray and cosmetics, as all these substances may damage the pearl surface
  2. Always, try to put on pearls after spraying perfume or hairspray and also after putting on makeup. Be very careful particularly with chemical substances because they can eat a hole in pearl nacre.
  3. Try to remove pearls before going for exercising to keep them away from sweating and perspiration.
  4. Never submerge pearls in water, no swimming, no showers and no dish washing.

Chlorine present in water can eat away the pearls in their mountings, and also soaking silk where your pearls get strung on can cause it to break or stretch out early.

  1. Never hang the pearl necklace on hook for storage. By doing this, it will place un-necessary strain on silk and will stretch out the necklace.
  2. Once every 2 to 3 years, restring the pearls, or at least once a year in case you wear them regularly once in a week.

Ensure to have every pearl knotted separately, using preferably with silk. Thus, they will not rub together so that pearl nacre may wear out. In case, pearls are too small, knots between every pearl will be undesirable.

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