How to Maintain your Car in Summer

Although maintaining a car needs time and effort, there are advantages to it. On one hand, maintaining our cars is a necessary step to safe driving. On the other hand, it can increase the life of our car and keep the cars in good looking. As summer is coming, there is more chance that cars are broken if we pay little attention to maintenance tips. Here, we will talk about 4 maintenance skills in the following.

  1. Check the tire pressure at any time

When you drive out in a hot summer, the rubber tends to soften as the temperature of the tire increases. Severely, the tire will blow out. When driving, you should check the tire pressure at any time. If the tire is overheated and the air pressure is too high, stop the car in a cool place to cool down. Do not use cold water to pour or deflate the tire. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the tires.

Under high temperature and heat conditions, long-term driving should be avoided as you can. Pay attention to rest at the right time while driving. When parking, try to choose a cool and ventilated place. If conditions permit, you can open the hood for ventilation. If the pointer of the thermometer has been referred to the near-high temperature zone, then the car must be stopped to “anti-heat”, so that the engine gradually cools down.

2.Skills to use air conditioning

In summer, the temperature inside the car is often very high. Therefore, do not turn on the air conditioner immediately when the car starts. You should open all the windows for 3-5 minutes, then turn on the air conditioner after the hot air is exhausted, which will have a better effect. If the engine is under load condition for a long time, the air conditioner should be turned off temporarily. When cooling, the wind direction of the air conditioner is better to blow upwards. This is because the cold air will sink downwards. Finally, notice that the air conditioner is turned off before reaching the destination to reduce the unpleasant smell.

If you sweat a lot when the weather gets hot, it is recommended to have an intelligent electric car seat. With a strong turbofan, it can restore the front clear air system by pressing one key. Thus, prevent sweat on the back and hip and keep you cool and comfortable. Nowadays, an intelligent electric car seat has many functions. For example, massage function. How does it work? The back massage device of the seat runs regularly and stops for 15 minutes automatically. In this way, you can relax when driving. If you need to drive for a long time, an electric seat will help you to refresh yourself and keeps your fatigue away.

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3.Prevent air resistance

Do you know how “air resistance” happens? Due to the high temperature in summer, the heat dissipation speed is limited. Also, the driving speed is slow during driving, while the engine speed is high. The heat dissipation is difficult. As a result, the “air resistance” is easy to occur. Sometimes the engine is difficult to start after a few minutes of stopping. Therefore, the oil is stopped to supply. Once the air resistance occurs, the driver should immediately stop and cool down to eliminate the fault. If your car is hydraulically braked, driving at high temperature and high speed, the brake fluid is prone to air “air resistance”. It is dangerous because the brake will suddenly fail and cause an accident.

  1. Disinfection of the car

Car disinfection during spring and summer is of great importance. Ventilation should be done frequently to clean the exterior and interior of the car regularly. When cleaning, you can use your own disinfectant to scrub your car. If you have time, you can also go to a special maintenance shop to use a UV lamp or have high-temperature sterilization. However, it must be noted that the disinfection is carried out without any people in the car. After the disinfection is completed, it is necessary to open the window for 5 to 6 minutes, wipe the facilities in the car with clean water, and then dry with a clean cotton cloth to remove the residual disinfectant.

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